By 12incher - 15/03/2009 04:45 - United States

Today, I was sitting in math class when I glanced over to the other side of the room and the hottest girl in the school is over there. I could see her thong so I instantly got a boner. About a minute later my teacher calls me up to the board to do a problem. I wore basketball shorts that day. FML
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can't you be like "DOWN BOY" and control it with your mind?

Gosh, I'm glad I'm a girl. ;)


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haha!!!! this is why i love fml's!!!!!!!!!!!!

tried flicking and got way harder but now more girls ask me out

haha I love how his name is 12incher. yeah right :P this reminds me of that one song... boner by straight out of junior high

i never wear basketball shorts for that exzact reason. and if i do wear it and i get a boner you just lift it up to i think its called the waistband so its held between your skin and shorts :)

self control my friend. insta boner? haha just act like your sleeping an ignore the teacher.

You obviously have never been a guy.

People don't decide when they get an erection, it just happens when your aroused.

I like his username...12incher!

kinda hot teenagers lolz

I woulda sported it like a Champ. Then to make it better say: "Sorry Mr./Mrs. -teachers name-, but I have more important things to do. [walk over to hot chick]. I am sorry but I couldn't help but notice that your very attractive, and my penis could satisfy a whale. What should we do about this?"

Attracted to sluts much? Yuck. You need some class. Anyway, i'm glad i'm a girl- if I was a boy, i'd have a boner ALL THE TIME. :'D

Nancy drew u r hott

Yes it does

hahaha same here

I throughly love your name miss

And by miss I mean 153

Lol u horny little bastard ;-)

Somebody likes to think they're manly huh, 12incher? ;) But anyways, that's hilarious. Reminds me of this person that does this constantly... Haha.

can't you be like "DOWN BOY" and control it with your mind?

win!! hahahhahah

8 this comment just... it made me so happy. Thank you:)

Either your a girl who hardly know what a boner is, or your just fucking stupid.

Put it in your elastic waist band. You wouldn't be the first one to have that happen to them.

exactly what i was going to suggest :)

how do u tuck it in ur waistband?? is tht possible?

not unless your over 2 inches

Your dick is obviously small, or your a girl, if you have never tucked it into your waistband.

Gosh, I'm glad I'm a girl. ;)

u look more like a man to me

Her picture doesn't even look like a man. Not one bit. Get a eye checkup.

Yeah don't go hating on random people, she's clearly a girl