By Anonymous - 12/12/2012 20:48 - United States - Charlotte

Today, in art class, our instructor called me up to the front to model for a drawing. I agreed to pose because it was nice to be called on, and I needed a self-esteem boost. He then thanked me, saying it's a great exercise for the class to draw such strange proportions. FML
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Maybe he was trying to hint you have humungous boobs... Just sayin...

ChubiAlina 6

I'm sorry to hear that OP. You're professor is really inconsiderate to say that about you.


ChubiAlina 6

I'm sorry to hear that OP. You're professor is really inconsiderate to say that about you.

You are professor is really inconsiderate to say that about you?

theHIGHroad2 5

The Monalisa wasnt skinny as f*ck and still.. Got pretty famous. So, dont sweat it, u might be the next big thing in art. :P. But yeah.. Pretty inconsiderate of your professor.

"Strange proportions" can be beautiful.

I'm with 34. Normalcy is boring. The professor shouldn't have said that out loud but take pride that you're not the average Joe. Distinctiveness is a really attractive trait, OP, so be proud!

*Normality. I also agree with the people above me.

SarahBearah1995 11

No... "Normalcy" would be correct.

Because grammar is the main point here. Go back to tumblr

Maybe he was trying to hint you have humungous boobs... Just sayin...

Hopefully op is a girl then

That's extremely rude. I'm so sorry someone would say that. I bet you're beautiful.

Ok, I'm just throwing this out there, and this is not normally my position. But for some reason, I feel like OP actually is rather good looking. There are those people out there that don't necessarily fit society's idea of "perfect" and are still still very attractive. In all honesty, how many people out there actually fit the "ideal" proportions? I know I don't.

Okay, why does everyone have to be beautiful? Why can't OP be ugly? Is there something wrong with being ugly? Last time I checked beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the professor had zero obligation to compliment or insult her body type. Not to mention, it actually probably was not rude/an insult at all. If you see figure drawings, you will see that they are actually not at all the usual 'flattering figure', but are in fact, several different body types. Because that's what drawing people is. Exploring strange shapes. And how the body folds.

38 - If beauty was in the eye of the beholder, then how could OP be ugly? Kind of contradicting your own statement there.

We don't even know if OP is a girl. OP could be a guy who may just have moobs. But FYL, OP. Some people don't filter their words or just have no consideration for others' feelings.

42 - bad choice of wording on my part. The professor had no reason/obligation to be insulting or complimenting her/him, meaning that it was likely he was not doing either. And 3 has probably never even seen OP, so yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which 3 is not. Annnnd I also never said OP is ugly, I said why can't OP be ugly.

tsent8 15

I love how the perspective lines draw the eyes right to OP's curves.

Now I'm curious as to what you look like. :S

Bigfoot.. Op looks like bigfoot

Fitting photo, #5.

This post goes perfectly with your DP. Well played 5, Well played.

Wow, I'd retort with "Next you're going to pose nude to demonstrate a small dick, yes?"

Slightly creepy.. Also how would Op know that.. It would backfire...

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What a rebel. You'll go far.

savage93 11

What if he has a big dick. No ****.

Sounds like you have low self-esteem yourself. What's so bad about having strange proportions?

Self-esteem boost comes from "self," you don't need opinions of others to be happy with yourself!

Exactly. Why do people need others to validate their existence.

Exactly! OP needs to tell him/herself daily affirmations that they should be happy about their looks. I've never given that advice before but it sounds like it is really needed.

8 - They do help, though.

All the nice curves in all the wrong places ._.

The Mona Lisa model also had strange proportions. Up yours teacher!

I don't think the teacher was trying to insult at all, in art, people are encouraged to stray from the typical 'good' body types. That's why in figure drawing, rolls of fat are actually helpful for the artist to exercise. Don't get why everyone is feeling so offended.

People say that to me all the time once they see how big my sick is

No they don't.

I didn't know sickness could have a size...

24 There's a button for that.. It's the thumbs up.. I shall now proceede to thumb you down..

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26- theres a button for your comment too!

32 I said that.. and there's a button for yours to.. I shall now use a button on yours..