By the_lameo_geek - 21/10/2013 02:16 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, I was mugged in a public bathroom. All I had on me was a plastic sheriff's badge, so I gave it to them. They laughed me out of the restroom. FML
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At least that's all you had on you. But now your Halloween costume is incomplete.

sscookie 13

that could have gone a lot worse...


Wiringify 22

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With a plastic badge?

No with one made out of wood! Yes it'd be plastic! And she'd own that shit. (Seriously no pun)

ViRepz 28

Do you know the definition of pun?

Probably because I'm a short teenage girl in a TMNT shirt.

deepunder 17

Tell them you are in deep undercover, Op

ViRepz 28

21 Jump Street =)

At least that's all you had on you. But now your Halloween costume is incomplete.

buttcramp 21


This is perhaps the only positive side of being broke.

sscookie 13

that could have gone a lot worse...

yeah be thankful that's all you had. Think about all that we have on us 99% of the time, IDs, cells (all at we keep in those!!), credit cards, cash . . . some people still keep their social security cards (idiots)

Yeah and at least they laughed it off and didn't do anything to you just because you saw they faces.

saraitkddh 47

I can imagine here what you mean...

You should be glad you didn't have anything of value on you! Sounds to me like you were lucky!

Sounds better than actually valuable stuff. I'd totally rather that. They're the tards that robbed a dude for a plastic sheriff badge.

Should've pee'd on them

Think BIG son... and browner too...!

RedPillSucks 31

OP would have just gotten shot or stabbed in the ass.

I sit down to pee.

If thats all you have then you could at least own up to it and pretend to be "the new sheriff in town." All spaghetti western like

Be thankful you didn't have anything else on you they could have taken. Even though I didn't click on the "YDI" button, you should consider yourself lucky.

#9 - Makes me wonder why on earth would you even talk about the YDI option? Whyy?

Because I don't think she deserved it. I didn't want anyone to think that saying she should be thankful nothing else got stolen is another meaning for YDI.

You could've laughed them out by the sounds of it. They just failed at mugging someone big time!

1dvs_bstd 41

You coulda got stabbed or something, look on the bright side.