By Anonymous - 05/01/2011 18:35 - United States

Today, I was driving back from school 100 miles away from my home with my fiancé and dog. While stopping for gas, we accidentally left our car keys and cell phones in the car. The dog sat on one of the keys and engaged the locks. We were locked out of the car until the tow truck arrived. FML
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perdix 29

Getting locked out of your car for a while is the least of your problems. Trying to get along as a gay married couple in a country that still has lots of homophobes will be a much bigger challenge. Of course, if you meant fiancée instead of fiancé, never mind. You're just ignorant when it comes to French, and I think I've just cured you.

And in addition, I bet your teachers didn't believe your excuse for not being able to do your homework either, now did they?


daaron 3

your guys dog is evil

how'd you call a tow truck if your phone was locked in the car??? fake.

57 who told you that the cell phone in the car was the only one in the world ?? think before you speak !!!

JordanDempsey 20

If you were locked outside your car, and your cell phones were in the car... How did you call the tow truck?

And in addition, I bet your teachers didn't believe your excuse for not being able to do your homework either, now did they?

I am going to guess if OP has a fiancé he is well past those days. No more homework checks by teachers.

However, it does say he was driving back from school. Having a fiancé does not necessarily mean he's 'well past those days' of homework checks.

fthku 13

As opposed to colleges or universities, which are not schools.

Colleges and Universities have teachers nagging you about doing your homework? News to me.

You know, has anyone considered the possibility that OP could be a teacher? Or a caretaker.

fthku 13

Quite a gifted teacher, if he is one.

Yo_daddy 0

^^ why soo serious such a party popper :P but hahahah that's funny sucks for OP though XD

Blackmail111 9

well look on the bright side atleast he didn't drive off with it :P

hmna 0

OnStar FTW!

fthku 13

Wow. People are getting dumber and dumber.

Who leaves the keys in the car when your not there, dumb.

You're not even old enough to lock your keys in the car, I wouldn't be talking.

KingDingALing 9

It could be worse. At least he didn't shit on your car keys. Or on anything, for that matter.

Inspired22 11

You left your keys in the car? You are lucky your car didn't get stolen! I think your dog was just protecting your car!

nice, you showed him, stupied