By xobeachbabi428ox - 18/07/2009 22:32 - United States

Today, I used a public bathroom. I hung my purse up on the hook on the door. Two minutes later, a hand reaches over the door and steals my purse. I got robbed while taking a crap. FML
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I hate public bathrooms, I hold all of my things and I never sit down unless I put toilet paper down on the seat. They are disgusting and they smell. That really sucks that you got robbed. FYL

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the thief caught you defenseless!! just one more thing to fear in public bathrooms :o


magichateball 0 the grade your in. Your comment proves it.

this story's fake or at least not an FML. if you really cared about your purse, then you would've chimpanzeed that shit and throw your poop at the person and try to get it back. and since you just sat there ********, the purse didn't mean that much to you in the first place, so it's not an FML.

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why do people care so much when people put first? SIXTY NINE

duh lots of bathrooms have hooks...the majority actually


And someone wanting to steal a purse wouldn't have to go under the stall door so much as over it.

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This fml is totally turning me on!

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Almost all of the bathrooms have hooks on the doors, but maybe not where you live. And to the OP, uh... That must have been some tall ass mother ****** to reach OVER the door. 0_o

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So, you would burst out of a stall, pants/skirt and panties/briefs/boxers (hey, I bet some women wear the latter two) also around your ankles or around your knees, flinging your shit at the robber like a woman possessed? I admit, the OP DOES deserve it for not trying to grab the purse and give some resistance, but still

well "throwing your poop" is a hyperbole for resisting the person. any person who cares about their credit cards, money, personal items, etc would get off their ass and defend their stuff.

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um - most womens bathrooms have hooks on the door. otherwise setting your purse on the floor would be really gross. especially if you go home later and set it on your kitchen counter or table. think about that.

that's actually a really clever way to steal stuff. and why do u need to say first is that some kind of magical thing that makes you fly. no! it just proves how immature and insecure you are. I'm done with my rant

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the thief caught you defenseless!! just one more thing to fear in public bathrooms :o

Im always paranoid of that happening! That sucks though

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I can totally see this happening though.

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Your fault for taking a crap. Girls don't take craps.

No, no, we just don't take craps in front of idiots like you. Otherwise, we crap freely and without inhibitions.