By GrinningCynic - 14/5/2012 17:55 - United States - Englewood
Today, I was told I need two root canals. This is because my previous dentist did such a bad job on one of my teeth that the decay went through and transferred to its neighbor. FML
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  The_Hitdude  |  12

They've established that, 7.

I understand you guys commented at the same time, but you had 2 minutes to edit your comment, which would've helped you avoid this situation.

  ganjaranja  |  9

My mom told me a dentist horror story. Apparently he would claim her brothers had a cavity and then literally DRILL one in their tooth and proceed to fill it and charge them. He finally got arrested, apparently he was a wanted con artist haha.

  siickman  |  7

But saw movies have to do with punishing people... Drilling and filling holes and making people pay more money sounds much better than killing a nice stranger and cutting into your own eye... Just saying.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

When I was a little kid, the dentist we went to would always say my teeth looked great with no problems, well, when we changed dentists, it turned out that I had 4 back teeth that were rotten, and I had to have them pulled out!

By  girlwithmoodeyes  |  0

no idea why, but reading this sent a shiver done my spine. im sorry, OP. dentists sucked. BUT at least youll get the laughing gas (or knock out stuff) and its always fun when you wake up? try and look on the bright side!! :)

  Pigeon89  |  34

I find it crazy that most Americans seem to have "laughing gas" with their dental treatment-here we do it in the dental hospital and out in practice it's only dentists who've done a special course that can give it and only for selective cases- extreme fear etc

  Metteris  |  0

Yeah, we just get an injection straight to the gums :/ it numbs whichever part of the mouth we need surgery on. We're very much wide awake the whole time.
I'd like to be knocked out though!

  Mauskau  |  35

I don't even have an injection at the dentist. I had one for when I had teeth taken out for my braces and it hadnt kicked in within the 20 seconds my dentist started yanking out my teeth. Wasn't too bad, I've felt worse.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Most American dentists don't use anything other than a local anaesthetic for root canals unless the patient demands, and is willing to pay for, more. It's a fairly routine procedure.

  teague95  |  16

The only procedure I think you get knocked out completely for is when you get your wisdom teeth pulled, other than that they just numb your gums with a needle.

By  jester613  |  2

I'm sure none of the responsibility for having bad teeth was your own fault. Try brushing with toothpaste and using some sort of mouth was might help what teeth you have left.

  Pigeon89  |  34

Citymayer- no- this doesn't happen at all- if they are close they are harder to clean and decay that way- they don't just fall apart because they don't like being near each other!


Yeah, a LOT of people go straight to suing, but on this case I think the dentist deserves to be sued. I'd hate to have a dentist that messed up, charged for it, and then caused me to go get something else done to fix it.