By Bee - 08/06/2011 00:13 - Canada

Today, I was mistaken for a prostitute. Twice. While in my work uniform. FML
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SunshineBoy21 0

Where do you work? Sex Toys-R-Us?


ViciousFoxes 0

Whenever my boyfriend and I are in his car and he gets pulled over, the cop always thinks I am a) a prostitute he picked up or b) being kidnapped by him, so I can relate. Though I think in my case it has less to do with my clothing choices and more to do with the age difference between my boyfriend and me.

Pownzeez 0

or u just look like a trashy prostitue

time to get a different pose and different make up!

SunshineBoy21 0

Where do you work? Sex Toys-R-Us?

Well put it this way OP, if you lose this job you'll always have something to fall back on!

ImmortalKratos 0

I think cops have to ask if you are being held against your will n stuff of the girl looks way out of your league just to make sure you didn't kidnapp her or sum shit. it happened to me a couple times when I was with my gf

many cadet/academy policewomen are hot... just saying!

Alwayspullout 7

O.o?????? WTF learn how to type, blah blah blah you are the dumbest person I know, blah blah blah I'm a troll

Probably one of those place that only hire underaged women who will wear short shorts and skintight bite shirts. Gross.

daniismiles11 0

umm ..? dp you work at hooters by any chance

alexg823 0

lol, dp=double penetration :P

thtsuxs 0

pretty woman, walking down the street....

hehe, is your uniform a slutty nurse?

well i suppose bein a playboy model has its ups and downs

extrovertical 0

it says bee at the top. so a bee costume.

CaligurlLULU 0

67 what are you dating number 14?

who says your work uniform isn't booty shorts and 6 inch platform heels? gotta be specific here op!

you are right. we need to no what your out fit is.

Yarrachel 16

If you are a stripper, it's not too surprising that you might be mistaken for a prostitute in your "uniform." Just kidding, some people are just really stupid.

junebug33 0

I like you profile picture :D

flighted 1

well....does she work as a prostitute?

lllaalaa 0

how does the uniform for hooters get one mistaken as a prostitute? I'm slightly offended. there's nothing wrong with a hooters uniform:)