By Bee - 08/06/2011 00:13 - Canada

Today, I was mistaken for a prostitute. Twice. While in my work uniform. FML
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what were u wearing O.o

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Where do you work? Sex Toys-R-Us?


what were u wearing O.o

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Whenever my boyfriend and I are in his car and he gets pulled over, the cop always thinks I am a) a prostitute he picked up or b) being kidnapped by him, so I can relate. Though I think in my case it has less to do with my clothing choices and more to do with the age difference between my boyfriend and me.

Pictures or it didn't happen OP

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or u just look like a trashy prostitue

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time to get a different pose and different make up!

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Where do you work? Sex Toys-R-Us?

Well put it this way OP, if you lose this job you'll always have something to fall back on!

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I think cops have to ask if you are being held against your will n stuff of the girl looks way out of your league just to make sure you didn't kidnapp her or sum shit. it happened to me a couple times when I was with my gf

many cadet/academy policewomen are hot... just saying!

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O.o?????? WTF learn how to type, blah blah blah you are the dumbest person I know, blah blah blah I'm a troll

Probably one of those place that only hire underaged women who will wear short shorts and skintight bite shirts. Gross.

how big is the difference?

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umm ..? dp you work at hooters by any chance

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lol, dp=double penetration :P

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pretty woman, walking down the street....

she's a cocktail waitress

hehe, is your uniform a slutty nurse?

well i suppose bein a playboy model has its ups and downs

Are you a prostitute?

I am not a whore

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it says bee at the top. so a bee costume.

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67 what are you dating number 14?

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Hmm, where do you work?

Kefka91 15

on the corner... :P

Hooters with physical activities

pwincessa23 1

mcDonalds. lmao!

An "exotic massage" parlour.

A hot dog stand.

Applebees! slutty people always work at applebees

At a beer stop drive thru.  =P

the strippers?

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nudist bar

That's not an FML, that's a FAIL :P

who says your work uniform isn't booty shorts and 6 inch platform heels? gotta be specific here op!

you are right. we need to no what your out fit is.

Yarrachel 16

If you are a stripper, it's not too surprising that you might be mistaken for a prostitute in your "uniform." Just kidding, some people are just really stupid.

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I like you profile picture :D

Do you work at Hooters or something?

flighted 1

well....does she work as a prostitute?

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how does the uniform for hooters get one mistaken as a prostitute? I'm slightly offended. there's nothing wrong with a hooters uniform:)

hahaha, 148 so funny.

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Wow that sucks! Sorry =(

haha, "that sucks"

You look mighty tough with that box of wheat thins and your iPod directly in front of your face,

so did you take the offers?