By all shat out - 07/11/2014 06:53 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I got demonic gastric distress while taking my final college exam. I only got about 50% of it done, left the classroom 50% faster, and experienced both 50% dread and 50% relief. Now I have to repeat 50% of the class. FML
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Indianboy9321 25

That sucks, but next time you'll half to push through and deal with it!

I'm 100% done with this post.


Indianboy9321 25

That sucks, but next time you'll half to push through and deal with it!

I missed this the first time I read it. Well played. Subtle and methodical.

you're 50% there :)

Hopefully op doesn't push to hard and shit themselves.

Animekid126 13

It's not as easy as it sounds.. Probably was on the verge of ripping a huge one or shitting themself

incoherentrmblr 21

It doesn't matter what it's for, if it's important, always go to the bathroom before you take a serious exam. No if, ands, or buts...

See, this is why you shouldn't half ass things.... I'll show myself out

Just a shitty situation in general.

mif_fml 27

Why #14... I honestly thought we were done with this.

Honestly it should be #14 that should show himself out

Marcella1016 31

What's with people making a joke and volunteering to "show yourself out?" If your joke is wack, you'll get downvoted anyway. If your joke is funny, I will downvote you just for adding that unnecessary "hahaha-my-joke-sucks-i-shouldnt-be-here" line. Just say what you have to say and that's it.

Finish the exam on the toilet? XD

How the fuck can she finish the test on the toilet?!? It's like saying "can I have all the answers on my hand while writing the test?" It's a stupid idea! And plus she's in college, she HAS to finish the exam in the class room

It was a goddamn joke. Obviously she can't really finish the exam on the toilet.

I'm 100% done with this post.

im 100% done wi

You 50% suck... And 50% retard

Cramps during class sucks , even worse during an exam. Should have busted a van wilder and shat in the trash can , then explain to the teacher they said no breaks no excuses .

best scene of that movie.

I beg to differ. Topless tutors completely change my college education.

And im 50% done with this post

I agree. Your life 100% sucks.

Mc2013 18

That is 100% bad luck for you OP.

50%+50%+50%+50%+50%=100% FYL.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

LOL #10 what the hell kind of math class did you take?

#22 the kind that teaches bad FML math jokes ..

#10 was pretty damn close though; 50 + 25 + 12.5 + 6.25 + 3.125 + 1.5625 = 98.4375 (I had to add another one just to nudge it close enough).

#51 There is no universe in which that math is legit.

Actually, the comment makes sense. You just have to read it carefully.

I'm not gonna lie, that's really unfortunate. Sorry OP, but hey at least it's not 100%