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Today, on more than one occasion, I was mistaken for my boyfriend's mother, by his own family. FML
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This could work for you. They might accept you more, if you like your boyfriends mum. Make the best out of a "bad" situation.

This is a sign that you should probably change your 80's hairstyle and clothing. Don't want your future father-in-law feeling you up from behind!


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Ohh does it hurt? Here's a bandage

If you look like his mum, there may be bigger issues here....

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I understand that you're the first comment, and probably had to come up with something quick, but ouch? And I think ouch only has 1 H. Am I correct?

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And the brutal rush for first comment sacrifices yet more precious space in the FML comment section. Space for the first will be missed.

Bonjour, vous n'allez surement pas comprendre mon commentaire donc utilisez Google Traduction ;). Merci/Thanks

14- Trying too hard to be a troll? You forgot quotation marks around "ouch".

Although I don't have quite that many comments under my belt, I've been lurking in the dark recesses of this site for a while and still cannot understand why some are so seemingly possessed with the obsession of being the first commenter. On top of that, I would also like to know the reason behind commenting when you have nothing worth reading to say; you're effectively inviting and condemning yourself to Execution by Thumbs. The evident lack of brain utilization on this site is truly amazing.

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I'm pretty sure they taught us in school you are not supposed to use "and" at the beginning of a sentence. If it is a number below 11 you are suppose to spell it out (it makes you look lazy). Its h not H. I didn't realize that getting the first post was this amazing thing. Maybe you should try out a new hobby there number 14.

Letters also aren't supposed to be standalone. They need quotation marks around them. As in: Jimmy got an "A" on his history final. Now that we're done nit-picking each other's grammar, we can move on.

127: It is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with "and" as a stylistic choice. Go read a book.

Thank you! I was about to say something myself, they talk about this in the movie "Finding Forester" and explain it can be used to make an important sentence stand out.

This could work for you. They might accept you more, if you like your boyfriends mum. Make the best out of a "bad" situation.

I don't really see how you can make the best out if this.

Yeah I agree. I actually have no idea where I was going with that comment. I guess the pressure got too much for me.

Well, according to a theory of Freud, we are naturally the most strongly attracted to women who resemble our own mothers, either physically or ideologically. In peon's terms, this means it's more likely "he will love you long time" - congratulations.

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I bet he calls her mommy during sex.

Well this FML seems to happen to a lot of men. Not me ofcourse...because that would be creepy.

This sounds more annoying (from what I can derive from the FML) than insulting or destructive. I guess if I was mistaken for a persons dad it would be similar to being mistaken for your friend or brother. I could see this leading to the point of exasperation. As a side note, I had to check and see if this story was based out of Alabama. That might have shed more light on this...

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That's what Covergirl is for...

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A type of make-up. OP should know what I'm talking about.

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Might just be me but how is makeup going to change her looks?

40- Maybe you don't hang around a lot of women. Makeup can drastically alter your look. You can go from a two to a nine and a half!

43- 2 to. 9.5? Never. Makeup isn't magic. There has to be a foundation there or at least decent bone structure. It's never more than a 3-point increase.

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If done the correct way it can make a drastic change in appearance. Haven't you ever seen celebrities without makeup?

You're kidding, right? Let me tell you my little sob story. I've been going to school with this kid that I'd liked for about two years or so. He'd made it clear to me that he thought I was ugly. So, I had leftover makeup to use up the day after one of my recitals (it was lots and lots of heavy makeup) and I wore it to school. First thing that kid says to me? "Oh, Kendall. You look pretty today". Exactly.

People like you are the reason my forehead is raw from facepalming, 5.

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@55 Now let me share a little story with you. If a guy likes a girl for who she is then it won't matter if she wears makeup or not. There will always be someone out there that appreciates your natural self. Not the fake one with makeup all over them.

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56- Good to know. Next time I'll try harder so I'm not like that. Now GTFO.

I don't want to get into this again but as americans we live in a society based on looks, and then a decent personality. Don't disagree because you know that you wouldn't date someone who is ugly but has a great personality, but rather someone with good looks and a decent personality.

...the only makeup I wear is a bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow(sometimes), and occasionally some lip gloss. If someone I like isn't satisfied, **** 'em. I dress to please myself. If women were to dress for guys, we'd all just walk around naked.

I normally wear just mascara, but usually nothing at all. I'm fine with being natural. But makeup makes me look different. I don't know if I'd say I look better, but it changes how I look.

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Thanks for all of the inspirational woman empowerment talk guys, but I think the point of what she said was missed. She was talking about how with a little makeup a guy who is obsessed with good looking girls changed his view on her. The power of makeup is what was the point, not how she's with a guy who's only into her looks.

89- Exactly! Thank you! I lost interest in him because I realized he was superficial. I wouldn't want to date someone like that anyways.

Actually 46, it is possible. Yes I know I'm kind of late in this topic. But I have seen videos of asian cover models remove their makeup. And yes, the difference is heaven and hell. Trying YouTube-ing it :p

Too late to edit, but I think they might have mistaken her from behind. I mistaken people a lot because their back view look similar... I can be wrong tho.

I kind of agree. My sister-in-law wears a TON of makeup. I saw her once without it and D: she was hideous. Washed out, haggard and just sickly. Makeup can (in a LOT of cases) change the way you look. Professional makeup artists can turn a dude into a gorgeous chick in seconds. Or a dude into a flesh eating half-faced zombie. Just gotta be talented

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113- You're not the only one. And it's my comment... -sighs-

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I say "guys" instead of "you all" as in all of you. A flaw in the English language really isn't fun to work with.

115, Usually I say y'all, but i was trying to point out the fact that I had no idea where their conversation with makeup was going.

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Funny how Nevershout's comments were all thumbed down but those who practically said the same thing were thumbed up. ._.

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Make up does do wonders!!! I've seen people that are really pretty with makeup but once it comes off they are ugly!

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I notice you put that in a lot of your comments... I also completely understand why you do it, Cleveland is hilarious!

The Pervert Patrol would like to have a word with you.

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I'm guessing that's a bad thing... Lol. As long as you don't look like Meg from family guy, you're golden.

As long as he doesn't say his mothers name instead of yours during sex..

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Meg is voiced by Mila Kunis, who is incredibly beautiful, hmmm.

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Hey people tell me all the time that I look like Meg! I feel perfectly fine though. I hardly wear pink shirts though.

This is a sign that you should probably change your 80's hairstyle and clothing. Don't want your future father-in-law feeling you up from behind!

Unless her father lost all sexual interest in his wife, and his sexual life solely depends on an affair.

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Nope. It was perfectly normal for her. (Excuse my sarcasm.)

olpally 32

9- obviously. 18- unnecessary to put the sarcasm part in there... Most of us get what it is. And don't be snarky about it.

18- god damn for a 14 year old you're quite the bitch....roll back the attitude and maybe you'll get friends. Maybe.

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74- I have friends. Thank you though (: and 81- I have cleavage in literally every shirt I have. Sorry.

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Sorry . I got the numbers backwards.

I have cleavage too. But can you see it int default? Didn't think so. They make shirts to cover mine. You can't tell me they don't make shirts to cover yours.

This debate is right up there with Plato, Nietzsche, and Augustine for its intellectual value. Thanks for sparking my inner philosopher.

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90- Sorry I'll change it. It's only like that when I'm in tank tops. And that's what I usually where cause its hot here. But I'll change it too make everyone happy.

*in my Sorry if I came off harsh. And Sirin's comment made my day.

I keep wanting to call Sirin 'Siri'. Am I the only one? D:

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108- No. I almost commented back to her, and while I was typing I put "Siri". (: So you're not the only one (:

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Sorry. To late to edit this.

I don't see cleavage anywhere on 18's profile, considering you're talking about her. Oh shit. Am I defective?! Edit- Well, I'm an idiot who didn't read the whole thread. She changed it, that's why I saw no cleavage. Excuse me while I facewall.

Seems like OP's boyfriend has a case of wanting some oedipussy

12- That will make people think she doesn't wanna look like his mom ( bad)

Why would it be an FML if she wanted to, though? Is that something people strive for, to look like their significant other's parent?

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I think 124 was trying to point out that If she got a make over after this it might make OPs mom feel bad