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Prove him wrong!

ha! I'd be scarred forever


ha! I'd be scarred forever

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33 -dumbass. theyre IDENTICAL he saw her twin naked so he told her i know what you look like naked.

Should've said..."I know last night was great" ;)

I can think of a few ways she can creep him out's only fair. Time to play that game

78, she could get in bed with him. I did that to my twin's boyfriend but he knew it was me straight away, even though it was dark. Haha, he gets so awkward around me too. Once we were at the beach and my bikini top came undone and he practically ran away from me.

85 - I can understand why he'd be like that around you... Totally inappropriate...

Ahaha thats so smart. He is a keeper, your sister is lucky to have him. Hard to find guys with a good sense of humor these days.

Why are there more YDI than FYL?! Strange people.

106: I'm glad someone else thinks this FML is funny because I laughed so hard when I read it. I don't have a twin, but me and my three sisters are pretty much identical and I've had one of their current exs say this to me. I laughed my butt off :P

85, I bet you $100 bucks that never happened.

Anyone else have the urge to call 85 a total bitch for trying to get in bed with her sister boyfriend?

^I did...more than once, and with other colourful vocabulary, but just not on FML.

85- You're a cunt....

That is not a nice word....^

174 - I agree, but it's appropriate in this case.

Wow, look what I started

48. U mad bro

The boyfriend probably got that from Twitter. It was a popular tweet for a while.

152, you owe me $100! And she told me to do it to see if he knew the difference haha.

Maybe 85 was doing it as a prank. But still messed up. Even if she was joking what if he didn't realize and kissed her or felt her up. Just wrong. ESP the sister. Ick.

You should mess with his head and tell him that you know what he looks like naked. Tell him that you and your sister switch places at times. Then just wink at him lol

Tell him that now that he knows what you look like naked, he has to return the favor.

You are one fucked up little cunt.

Prove him wrong!

Sounds like the beginning of one of those weird fetish pornos.

You see, that's what he WANTS her to do ;)

#30 i dont even know WHAT you've been watching, but...

Yeah, prove him wrong! Sounds like he was only using your sister to get to you!

30- What guy doesn't dream about twins?

Oh great idea, because that isn't what he hoped would happen at all :p (sarcasm for the people that don't get it)

Prove him right! Oh.. No..? Well then

She doesn't have too, environmental factors. Meaning you can still put on weight, go through operations that could leave scars or accidents, meaning OP's sisters boyfriend doesn't know what OP looks like naked.

It is so funny how true that is!

#249 maybe it has nothing to do with her twin...

138 if its the Minnesota Twins you're talking about the no guy dreams about them! Terrible ball team

He doesn't know about that big YOLO tattoo on her ass.

They were born as identical twins; it doesn't mean they're identical the rest of their lives. One could be fatter, thinner, paler, hairier, etc.

Lol my bestfriend's fiancee told her twin this very same thing :D priceless reaction

And soon she'll know what he looks like single.

Yeah, that's not creepy or anything. FYL.

4- Creepy indeed, sounds like this guy is trying to feed a 2-for-1 fantasy about having both sisters at once. :P Truly charming guy. ;) Oh, side note, I liked your pic so I creeped your profile; I briefly tried my hand at photography a few years back as I had a real interest in black and whites of people, but I never had much talent for it, unfortunately. Not hitting on you btw, I just like rambling it seems. :)

Rambling is for messaging, if you have a phone bad luck. Sorry op that's creepy, 2 for one porno?

162- *Only has IPhone, otherwise wouldn't openly ramble.* My apologies, friend. :(

I think it's a sense of humor. Because it's probably true :p

you can send private messages on FML? must be one of the features IPhone only users miss out on

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your stupid

#60.. Oh, the irony of your comment..

You're stupid for saying your My bad 67 beat me to it

What a GENIUS!! I think #5 is on to something. Please let us hear more of your in-depth analysis on this...

^ Then why did you post your reply?

#136, it's called sarcasm. Just thought I'd let ya know.

Are you retarded?

# 60 Never and I mean never, fuck up your spelling on FML. This site has more grammar nazis than any other site there is.

#5 yeah... but they LOOK the same. It doesn't matter how different their personality is, their tits probably look similar. Now if the twin has some tattoos.. then we'd be onto something.

60- Her what is stupid?

She's not dumb, she's just a kid. Let her be, you Trolls.

190- Or piercings :)

I agree. I'm one of them! Haha.

My stupid what? I'm dying of suspense here!

I agree with #5, always remember that all women's downstairs are never the same, they're like snowflakes. :)

Not everything is identical, apparently he's too dumb to realize that.

And you're too dumb to comprehend stuff...

they are IDENTICAL TWINS. can you not read?

* directs 107 to #12's comment *

Um, yeah it is. Identical siblings have the same DNA. They split from a single fertilize egg. Derp, son.

Fuck, you people are stupid. Their DNA is identical. They don't gave to gain or lose weight together, tattoo together, wax together, or scar themselves together. Stop lashing out at people that have actually used their brains. I worked with a girl whose identical twin had abused drugs for years; they didn't even look related.

157-THANK YOU, mate! I was waiting for somebody logical to speak up. A lot of stupidity on this thread. Identical does NOT, nor will it ever, mean you will always be exactly like your twin. Guess what? If a twin gets in a car accident and loses a leg, a leg will not magically disappear on the other twin. They may be identical physically, but they may have taken different paths. They are, after all, still individuals. The boyfriend was just cracking a joke about physical attributes, which, as the above commenter stated, may not be exactly the same. Again, not every part of identical twins are identical.Idiots.

The point is that he was making a JOKE

Tell him 'I know what you look like too. I wouldn't boast about it though'

Isn't that kinda of a weird thing to say to your girlfriend in the first place? Doesn't sound sexy at all, just sounds like something a stalker would say.

He said it to her twin sister -.-

Oops now that ive re-read the post I understand what it means. I had assumed that he mistook the twin for her sister and thought he was talking to his girlfriend. My bad.

Says the dude with the profile picture of a sperm omelet..

Hey, it's all protein

you're just stupid

Sperm sunny side up egg.

15- he was just stating a fact

Tell ur sister. If he's attracted to her in that way and he says that to u then its the SAME thing as him being attracted to u. comments like that r grounds for ending it in my opinion...good luck!!!

You are nowhere near first comment. Better luck next time though! At least you tried to write a decent firs comment.

damn i would of just laughed if he told me that. silly me for not ending the relationship immediately.

What did I just read? No commas in a long sentence hurts my brain.

Then you're basically saying twins shouldn't date anyone, unless that person thinks the twin is hideous in order to ensure he never has sex with their twin...

I would have* Sorry but it fucking annoys me

Well there identical and while there may be differences there probly close enough in looks and personAlity that if someone who is attracted to one is most likely attracted to both

Ehhh I'd be careful about similar personalities. Not saying it can't happen, but most twins I know go out of their way to act different. It's a way of escaping being treated like the same person.

Yes silly flockz.

You're a dumbass. He meant it as a joke. I swear some people these days

its not gay when its in a 3 way

I thought it was 'it's okay if it's a three way'? ;)

So song lyrics cannot change throughout the song?

17, it's both if you listen to the rest of the song.

It's still incest, though. (And most likely illegal wherever OP lives, and definitely disturbing… I would not take this guy's advice if I were you OP.) FYL, because what he's saying is somewhat true and that's awkward as hell.