By Ambar - 15/02/2010 17:02 - Canada

Today, I was missing $20 from my wallet, so I decided to ask my sister if she had taken it. Her response? "That reminds me, I need to borrow another 50." She has a job. That was my Christmas money. FML
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ugh, my sisters steal my money always! very annoying! FYL!

go ahead and give it to her. then when she's not around take $100


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I agree with #1. Tell your sister to pay you back immediately and her lack of funds is not your problem.

hahahaha #52 thats so wrong but so funny

just say : witch reminds me strip down to nothing and screw me or I call police

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yeah, just go give yourself the stranger and get over youself..

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dude u get only 20 bucks for christmas

i'm going to guess that since we are in mid-february... the rest has been spent?

I have a brother that always takes my money, once he took eighty dollars from me without my consent and went to see a movie with his girlfriend and his best friend.

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not an fml, she will most likely pay you pay.

I do lend money to family though. It has a 100% interest rate every 24 hours, it insures I usually get it back in the same day.

^ hahaha I do the SAME thing! very high intrest.

ugh, my sisters steal my money always! very annoying! FYL!

see.....not take......borrow......totally different!!

what 9 year old do you know that has a job

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you're as wise as you are beautiful snickers <3

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Andrews... she's obviously not wise, as op said she has a job, obviously she's atleast a teenager, 15 therefor nullifying the whole section about being young.

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lol she is not wise nor beautiful

snicker you need to get laid everything you say is bitchy. siblings steal from eachother all the time. it doesn't mean their is something wrong with them.

snickerdoodle is an ugly bitch that always has a snotty dumb thing to say like she is god and knows everything

haha my comments keep getting deleted probably because snickerdoodle needs a schlong in her life

Boots, you look like an idiot continuing this bashing even after being moderated. Stop, drop, and roll.

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Is it me or is nearly everyone on this site an idiot?

#51: Definitely not just you. The FML comments are filled with people that would get thrown off of 4chan for being too retarded.

why are you always like 5th or 6th comment?

No,#51, you're clearly the only idiot here.

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Do not speak of 4chan here!!!

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I'm SO serious. She's GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT

I am pulling the "Soul Card" the next time Snickerdoodles comments.

u put it damn straight I posted a FML about her go find it and approve it it's by me!

I would probably take all her money If she did that. and to show family love, sign up for drug rehab

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@Psychoxxxinvader: That's crossed my mind more than once, to be honest.

snickerdoodles the guy complimented you, but ugly bitches like u turn it down, that's the only person that will ever call u pretty and u rejected the dude.

well, that is probably a good thing because he could be really 49 3/7 years old picking lint out of his stomach smoking pot

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lol. sucks man. next time, give her monopoly money.

Please learn to read. The OP didn't give it to her sister, she stole it....

"please learn to read." ^ WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Or, you know, that could have been the LAST of her Christmas money, not the only amount she had laying around. Or, for all we know, that could have been part of it. FYL though, OP. If your sister has a job, she's gotta be at least 15-16, so she knows stealing is wrong, no excuses. What the hell is she doing that requires her to need at least $70?

Exactly. Not everyone spends their money the day they get it. She could have gotten say, $100 from someone for Christmas, then had the remainder in her wallet. In fact, I'm willing to bet that's the case.

Haha, in a good way? That is a more recent pic, but it's still almost a year old. Yep, I was a blondie. :)

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why does op deserve it because she got $20 for Christmas? that's ignorant and you sound like a spoiled brat. grow up.

Why does her sister have to be 15-16 years old? I know plenty of teens and adults, over the age of 16, with jobs.

Just saying her sister has to be that old, at least, to have a job. I'm not specifically saying she's 15 or 16, but that's usually the earliest people can legally start working at.

You either read that wrong, or are a complete idiot. Maybe both. OP received $20 for Christmas, they weren't going to buy presents on the money.

umm when do u celebrate christmas caise most ppl spent that already!