By Useless Key - 2/9/2018 18:30
Today, my sister couldn't find the spare key I gave her for my apartment, so I had to pay a $50 fee to the leasing office. Not 30 minutes after paying, she found the key. In her purse. On her keychain. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  28

I wonder which one of you is the “dumb one.” I’m inferring that you needed the spare key because you locked yourself out. I hope you’re the “pretty one” — that’s the more important attribute.

  evilplatypus  |  38

A) it might be a “do not duplicate” key which locksmiths aren’t capable of copying
B) it might be because they have to have a locksmith change the lock for safety purposes

By  Chazzster  |  20

Unless Sis is sharing the apartment, why give her a key your apartment? Several FML’s have been written about problems with people showing up and letting themselves in. Even if you trust Sis with your life and possessions - how about her friends, boyfriends, etc.

OP get that key back.