By Numbnuts - 08/03/2010 03:08 - United States

Today, I was really bored and decided to annoy my mom while she was doing the dishes. I walked up behind her, touched her shoulder, and said "Poke". She then donkey kicks me straight in the nuts saying "Kick". I know now to never bug my mom when she's in a bad mood. FML
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Daerauko 0

good, stop irritating people

If you're that bored, how about helping your mom with the dishes instead of being an ass?


jakeomatic 0

Rule #2: Never **** with my doritos. See what I did there?

you should not sneek up on a family member, or any one. once I punched my brother in the face. he thought it would be funny to sneak up on me and scare me. I turned around and punched him. gave him a black eye.

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soo we won't be doing that again now will we?

that ho needs to learn to loosen up. I don't careif the kitchen is her domain or not, a poke for a kick in the balls is no fair trade. should decked her back in the air bags HARD.

next mother's day pretend not to be able to see or hear her, or make sure that she's aware you're off doing other things, maybe do this on her birthday too.

livluvlaff8 0

don't mess with ur mom when she's in a bad mood... it makes everything worse

#17 is right. Don't sneak up on anyone really. And your mum probably wasn't aiming for your nuts. She just got lucky and you didn't. Ice them down, big boy. YDI for intentionally annoying her but FYL cos I hear that can hurt a bit.

droppintacos 0

wow she sounds like a terrible could you possibly do that even if your in a bad mood? that could make you not have kids....

i hate people that say poke while poking someone. YDI for being such a f a g g o t

Jrook 0

whoever said poor parenting skills should shut the **** up. the world is full of high functioning retard assholes because "good" parenting skills. this is exactly what bush did during his childhood, look how that ended up. maybe if momma bush donkey kicked that little shit the country would be in a better spot

cater2U 0

well ydi because that's 100% annoying and 83 don't tell him to ice those!!! my friends told me that makes stuff shrink and then he would be back on here complaining about how his girlfriend left him because his thing shrank.

who the hell gets random urges just to annoy people.... I'm on your mom's side on this one, you don't deserve your nuts you little prick

jossiegregg 5

haha that's hilarious!!! your mom sounds awesome!!!

just start crying an make her feel bad, that's what I did when I was a little kid

MissBrightsidee 0

she probably did it so you wouldn't be able to reproduce and have more strange children. only weird kids say "poke" as they poke someone. seriously, thank your mom for trying to help the world.

boreddoubletears 0

A poke is equal to a kick in the balls when she had to push your little body through her pelvis...

16 best commercial I have ever seen during the superbowl) besides the Favre one

I pressed YDI as soon as I read, "decided to annoy my mom."

greg1234567890_fml 2

this is something my aunt would do to me. i feel ur pain =(...

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idk I thought it was hilarious if not expected. Wish more parents were lyk that-w/o the ball kicking part tho xP

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lmao. that actually made me laugh out loud. good one(:

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wow... I don't mean to be perverted but your comment could be registered by someone in a totally different way than it was meant... I agree with this rule nevertheless. NEVER **** with Momma.

this made me laugh my ass off, your mom sounds fun and I'm sure she didn't mean to kick you in the junk!

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good, stop irritating people

Icarus_II 0

HAMMERFIST TO THE FACE! That atta teach the wipersnapper a lesson.

If you're that bored, how about helping your mom with the dishes instead of being an ass?

Sounds like this would be an episode of Hannah Montana. Only your mom would be played by a feisty grandmother from Texas. **** punching Miley FTW.

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gezz snickerdoodles always somthing bad to say OP fyl that sucks I hate when parents take out there anger by kicking their children on the nuts

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Usually, sometimes good advice.

haha I know how you feel. I would poke my dad over and over while chanting "dad" then he would slap me.