By Anonymous - 20/09/2013 22:20 - United Kingdom - Newcastle

Today, I was struggling to move a large bookshelf downstairs. Mid-way down, the weight became too much for me and I desperately yelled to my dad for help. He stood at the top of the stairs and said, "Cash or broken bones. How much's it worth, son?" I'm now £50 poorer. FML
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How much was the bookshelf worth? You could have just let it go.

Yes, let go and be crushed by the bookshelf...

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that's a dangerous way of teaching a life lesson

*sigh* There ARE ways to let a bookcase go on a set of stairs without getting crushed...

If there was, don't you think he would've done that rather than pay £50? He must've been standing further down the stairs with the bookcase leaving no room for him to simply stand to the side and let it fall past.

22, teaching his son a lesson by stealing from him

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Ok. This just proves the world really is starting to suck. A dad forcing his son to pay 50 pounds to simply move a piece of furniture?! +1 for hoping the world ends sooner rather than later.

Doesn't take the world ending to leave ;)

Your dad has priorities and helping you is clearly not one of them OP.

He might have been teaching him to ask for help before getting stuck in dangerous situations? That or he's a total dick. I'm going to go with the first option because I don't want to feel pity for OP this earily in the morning.

For all we know, son could have owed his dad some money and pops saw it as an opportunity to get it back easily. My dad would do something like this, he's insane.

Shouldve just let it go. It's not worth broken bones

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But what if he was like under it? If he let go, it would've crushed him and I'm sure he wouldn't want that.

Yeah, I thought that was the hole point of the FML? Cash or broken bones = cash for me to help or broken bones as you get crushed. I'm sure if letting it go without crushing yourself was an option then OP wouldn't have been desperate enough to lose £50.

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I would have responded to him by saying," medical bills or help me out, you decide."

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You may have done #38 but seeing as OP is in the UK, we don't pay for medical treatment!

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But really, that's a good lesson to learn and a good way to teach it. Not only do broken bones cost a lot to fix (it was $4000 last spring for them to give me a sling for a broken clavicle and clean up some road rash), but there's a big loss of productivity at work after the hospital releases you.

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Because no insurance covers broken bones...

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This is set in the United Kingdom where you don't pay any money for healthcare.

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i think broken bone cost more!...

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The OP is in England, doesn't cost anything to visit Drs or hospital here

Hahah, my mom would do this. But sorry about that op, maybe next time realize how much weight you can actually move