By swimmonster81 - 25/12/2015 21:22

Today, my mother told me how she managed to afford all of the expensive Christmas presents we got. She took out extra money when applying for my student loans. FML
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Which she's paying for, right? If not, that's a total bitch move.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Well make sure to take some extra money out of her purse


At least she spent it on you? Still a pretty thoughtless thing to do

You do know that since its their student loans, they technically have to pay them, right?

It says WE that means multiple people besides herself

Which she's paying for, right? If not, that's a total bitch move.

RedPillSucks 31

student loans will be in the name of the student, so OP will have to pay it back. OP is basically paying for everyone's gifts. A total dick move on mom's part

Denise1988 13

Not entirely true. My husband needed $32,000 in student loans and he's only paying for $10,000 of that, the rest are in his parents' name.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Well make sure to take some extra money out of her purse

I hope she's the one who's repaying for that, simple, non expensive presents would've been fine.

Well it looks like your fam should be thanking you for the gifts not her

Damn. I hope she doesn't expect you to pay back the extra money she took out.

TeacherTeacher 11

As long as she's the one repaying the loans, there's nothing illegal or unethical about it. However, I would definitely not learn money management from her. That bill will come due and you cannot default on student loans.

Actually, there is. Student loans often have a different interest rate, because they are intended for educational use. Depending on what kind of loan those student loans are, purposely over-borrowing for non-educational purposes could be considered fraud.

Everyone gets a bit of a "change check", which I'm pretty sure wouldn't be viewed as fraudulent. Just sayin'

Could be. Theoretically. In reality I worked in a financial aid office at my local community college, and, well there's a certain class of person that has no shame at all in using financial aid for whatever they damned well please. And there's an even lower life-form that will drop all their classes after their re-fund comes through (because fin. aid refunds can be dispersed in cash). We a not legally able to investigate their use of funds. It's a violation of privacy. "Well I better get my check soon, I need 5 grand, me n' my kids are going to Disney World." Litterally, and proud as hell, like "Well at least I'm rewarding my kids."

savagetitan 13

You could do the responsilbe thing and get your own student loans. I'm just saying.

RedPillSucks 31

it's not unusual for parents to apply for the loan on behalf of the student.

My loans have an 11% interest rate, if my parents took the loan they get an 9% one. Thats why parents take out the loans.