By justpeachy - United States
Today, I was invited by my boyfriend's parents for dinner at their house. The dinner went well I thought, until I was getting ready to leave. Before I could make it out the front door, I could hear them discussing their disappointment that their son would ever consider someone like me. FML
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  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

I agree that's fucking rude!
reminds me of my ex's dad, everytime he brought home a girlfriend his dad would pull him to the side and say either 'she's fine as hell hit that good' or 'i don't know where you found that but you need to put her back where you found her'

ugh he's such an asshole

  honestlove11  |  0

ha. I came into the house in a really cute little dress and boots and felt great about it then his drunk dad says "you sure you're not knocked up?" I say why, he said cuz I look it. haah. except I'm not even fat. still, every girl has body image probs..

  Monikabug  |  9

@43 that really sucks.

But with babydoll dresses, they do make even the thinnest girls look like they are pregnant. It is the price we pay for fashion, yes?