By justpeachy - 08/03/2010 20:27 - United States

Today, I was invited by my boyfriend's parents for dinner at their house. The dinner went well I thought, until I was getting ready to leave. Before I could make it out the front door, I could hear them discussing their disappointment that their son would ever consider someone like me. FML
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that's rude as hell. assuming u didn't do anything "wrong"...but even still, that's really shitty.

Pricks! It's not their decision though, so don't worry about them.


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gray Im second

that's rude as hell. assuming u didn't do anything "wrong"...but even still, that's really shitty.

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YDI for owning shoes

I agree that's fucking rude! reminds me of my ex's dad, everytime he brought home a girlfriend his dad would pull him to the side and say either 'she's fine as hell hit that good' or 'i don't know where you found that but you need to put her back where you found her' ugh he's such an asshole

Obvious trolls are obvious. Damn, OP. Just damn. FYL and I hope your bf is secure enough in your relationship to ignore the naysayers.

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hahaha wow dueche much?

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@9 WIN But where did the shoes thing come from?

that's terrible :( I'm sure you deserve better than that :) besides if you love someone enough, who cares what their family thinks huh?

@9: obvious troll is obvious

Superrrrrr rude! You should never easedrop on someone's conversation OP! xD

lol but #9 made me lol it's so random

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Darkmis1 you are such a troll. Get off the website.

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ha. I came into the house in a really cute little dress and boots and felt great about it then his drunk dad says "you sure you're not knocked up?" I say why, he said cuz I look it. haah. except I'm not even fat. still, every girl has body image probs..

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@43 that really sucks. But with babydoll dresses, they do make even the thinnest girls look like they are pregnant. It is the price we pay for fashion, yes? ;P

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I second #9 Verrry obvious my friend, verrry obvious.

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dumb imaginaryfoes, are just dumb imaginaryfoes.

37- he's saying she shouldn't be out of the kitchen, thus no need for shoes, correct me if I'm wrong

wow they sound classy...

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@44 exactly. it's awful.

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I have no idea what a babydoll dress is...

YDI for being someone like you! DISGUSTING

you should have said "sorry to hear that" just to embarrass them. I would have. that confrontation would have been FUCKING EXHILERATING sp? er

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@11 Thats a shitty dad, also... you do know what he's talking about when he says "hit that" right?

DW! Yee12 always YDI. Whatever it takes.

Pricks! It's not their decision though, so don't worry about them.

that is why I migrate north to roam with llamas and purple wildebeasts.

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^^^hahaha win!!!! :-P

We did the same thing to get away from my nasty a** inlaws

lol what the fuck 29? x)

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fuck'em who cares what they think!! as long as you two like each other, that's all that matters!!

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ouch... all you can really do is pray you never become horrible, judgemental people like them. :x

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AND you didn't turn around and give them a piece of your mind and/or fist?! OP....I am so disappointed.

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That sucks, you should have marched back in and been like, "I forgot something," and smile sweetly.

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....Where's the part where OP gets sweet, sweet revenge?

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I guess she could whack each one with a vase or something... hmmmm...

or she could gather an army of purple wildebeasts and llamas... just saying

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Today my girlfriend sucked at dinner with my parents...FML

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Today, a kid who looks like Carrot Top tried to be a smartass. FML

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Haha wow i wld have let them know i heard them so rhey wld think about it all day

How could they judge you like that just over one dinner? Don't worry OP, apparently their son sees something in you, they'll probably come around.