By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, wanting to break up with my boyfriend, I invited him to dinner with my parents. I was sure they'd hate him, which would give me the excuse I needed. They ended up loving him, and now they won't stop mentioning marriage. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

agreed! OP should have just done it, instead she gave her family and this guy false hope! I mean really isn't meeting the parents reserved for important boyfriends?


  FalconWhitaker  |  20

I agree. If you're a teenager and want an excuse to break up with a boyfriend, using your parents is fine, but when you're a grown-ass adult, you really should be able to do this thing called "communicating".

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Yes but this just proves the OP was being a coward. If you want to end a relationship just tell the person it's over. Trying to invent an excuse is again cowardly, and is just asking for trouble. If she were my friend and she told me ahead of time this was her plan, I would have told her that I guarantee it's going to backfire.

  Clay_Pidgeon  |  11 adventure through a dense jungle of emotions and feelings creating a false sense of love. When in the end you are destructive bulldozer tearing down the foundation of the relationship he worked so hard on to build and nurture. You heartless bitch...

By  coried91  |  28

Don't be a wuss. Just break it off if you don't like him anymore. That's a really stupid thing to do. That and now instead of just breaking his heart, you are going to break your parents heart too. Shame on you.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

what difference would that make?

my parents would tell me how disappointed they were and how they thought I was a lot more mature than this, it would just make things worse.

By  Rulerray97  |  25

Meeting the parents is like taking the relationship to the next level... Also, did you not think to tell your parents of this plan beforehand? Most parents would be willing to take the blame if their daughter is too uncomfortable with it.

  coried91  |  28

My parents would make me actually be mature and break it off myself. It's really pathetic to go crying to mommy and daddy for help in ending a relationship unless there is a serious reason as to why it needs to end.

  Selvyys  |  4

Yeah, he is now being led on and probably thinks the relationship will move further. I feel really bad that he doesn't know how she is hiding how she really feels.