By Kristopher - 08/03/2010 19:31 - United States

Today, I moved into my aunt's house. She had a little too much fun in the sixties and now tells everyone about her many imagined conquests, including her church minister and several has-been celebrities. As a plus, I discovered she has a habit of wandering around the house in the nude. FML
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ummmmmmmm awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God mods are so stupid I make my post "This comment has been moderated." and then they moderate my post, like it makes any difference at all, derp

My spidey senses are tingling! Wait, that's my gag reflex.

Monikabug 9

Well, it is HER house. She can walk around naked if she wants too, she pays those bills. So, if you have a problem with it, either stay in your room or move out. Can't really say you deserve it just because you moved in, but I can understand how your day can be rounded by a naked relative strutting about. So, FYourDay!

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go take a long walk off a short dock

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WTF why have all my comments been erased

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@64 probably because every time you post a comment, you post it twice. The moderators will take care of that.

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Haha I just modded a FML that said today I just realized that snickerdoodle is really really anoying. Thanks guys for egging her on FML. lol

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oh damn I'm not meaning to post it twice? weird

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#76, I saw a really good/funny one a few weeks ago that said something along the lines of Snickerdoodles not dying and how she logged in to annoy people. "Today confirmed snickerdoodles isn't dead yet...FML" X)

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@80 yeah, of you are using a FML App they sometimes post multiple times.

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@84 shut up. I feel bad for op. btw I have a gaping ******. who wants some. it's Hella good!!!!

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@44, what if he is staying in the main room? Then the OP has to see it..

Monikabug 9

@92. This is true. In that case, I would say he should get himself a hobby to get himself out of the house as much as possible.

To everyone who has something to say about snickerdoodles: Snicker isn't half as bad as the trolls on FML who go around screaming "YDI!!!" on every post. In fact, she's actually fairly decent. If you need to complain about anyone, complain about me. I'm the guy who goes around telling everyone to get along. Apparently, people on FML don't like that. X3

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#96, It doesn't matter if she's not as bad as the YDI trolls. I've only been on here a few times, and every single time I saw her being the rude person she is. If she wasn't so bad, then people wouldn't be talking about her in such a negative manner. And she obviously wouldn't be making enemies online. She's worse than Yahoo Answers! "Fizzdude" troll.

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Except she's not bad. Read her posts, instead of the hate generated by them.

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in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight

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Hey quikwit, NO ONE said she was a bad person. I doubt anyone on here knows her in real life. But the way she carries herself via internet gives thought of what she can be in real life. And it's not very pleasing. To be honest with you, I personally think she gets a kick out of being rude online. Every single time she bites an OP or a site's member, the comments to her bit right back. And usually if you get burned, you learn your lesson. It seems she never did because she'd return being rude again, but to someone else. So is she a bad person? Who knows. Like I said, no one knows her personally. But the girl portrays herself as a bitter person through her comments.

thats really mean!!! take it back NOW.

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@114. that may also be why your comments continue to be erased. ._.

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my comments make complete sense erghh or damn u might be on to something Watson!!

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Well thats not a plus at all!!!

The sixties were over 40 years ago. Your aunt is probably in her mid sixties. Because of this, I would assume that the OP is an adult. If this is true, then the OPs aunt can say or do whatever she wants because the OP is old enough to move out and take care of themself if they don't like it.

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You know you're popular on FML when: people complain about you when you're not even online.

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More like infamous. I wouldn't want to get online either after people embarrass (or what you call "complaining") me for speaking the truth of what an internet gangster I am.

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114 you know you don't have to keep posting stuff just to attempt to be funny right? just letting you know

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wow i bet that was a sight to see... wait so who are these has been celebs?

oh well I bet that's just lovely. you know you could always move into your own place, then you won't have to worry about nude aunts :D

haha, bet ur wishin you could move out right about now :)

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Ah, the wonders of housewarming.