By Brett meek - 19/02/2010 07:41 - Canada

Today, I was having sex with a girl. While we were fooling around, she started squeezing my cheeks and told me I remind her of her son. FML
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xXEurekaXx 0

that is disturbing...

Face cheeks or butt cheeks?


xXEurekaXx 0

that is disturbing...


she likes having sex with her son. very disturbing

cantfightfate 0

disturbing, yes but also hilarious!! definitely fyl!

what makes this worse is if the woman wasn't a cougar. So disturbing

SeasonedSausage 0

what's wrong with that. incest is very common nowadays.

bleedinginside 0

son sex atheist much


umm maybe she is ur mum ? gettin wasted can be dangerous!!

I'm not seeing them FML when you plowed someones mom. I would have just kept going harder.

JustStopSucking 0

disturbing would be "told me I look like her son. i'm a girl. FML".

love_game911 0

rota...u r my hero

SarahMarie83 0

I don't understand the atheism reference.

It's just simple ignorance. Move along.

WTF lol weird.

uhm, creepy much?

LTMcleod 0


wooow thats screwed

That's what we call 'a MILF.' Good job!


Crush89 0


was she drunk??

No, I'm pretty sure it goes like this: Today, I had sex with my son. FML

hahaha is she a cougar?

I was wondering the exact same thing when I read this...

How old is this "girl"????

yourproblemnow 0

oh godd.

spaceydude 0

Definotely a MILF... unless she was ugly. Also, WINcest

ihateonyou 0

Suck it up dude you just banged a milf

danielboricua28 0

wtf and she still wants to have sex with u?....