By Jeremy - 07/08/2009 02:03 - United States

Today, I was getting it on with a girl I've been talking to for three months. She's a year younger than me and it was her first time. So, I went easy. After five minutes she started crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she said I remind her of her dad. FML
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mayhembaby 0

woww... that's a little more fuck her life?

Oh God..... Oh Giggity :D!


Oh God..... Oh Giggity :D!

YDI for drinking expired milk.

YDI for killing Michael Jackson

YDI for being a pedo

YDI for bragging

YDI for eating CHEERIOS

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YDI for being a bitch! :o

YDI because it was only three months of talking to her

_cheeseballs 0

If you trolls think you're well funny, you better touch up on those 'hilarious' skills of yours, because quite frankly, you're fucking annoying.

Oh wow there are a fuck-load of trolls

they're probably all the same person on different accounts, not that many silly trolls would post at once under normal circumstances

I think 4chan actually finally got ahold of this. They often have little 'gatherings' where they pick a website and troll it all at once cuz they think they are really funny.

Can we get the goddamned "Report" button back? God damn, there's too many morons on this site.

I hate to break it to you, but you don't understand how trolling works. The humour doesn't come from the trolls themselves, it comes from the people like you who overreact in response. Feed the trolls! Also, that sucks OP. Be ready for her to turn into a neo-feminazi.

DeadMansCrack 4

It's not really humorous, nor is 'Shadic' overreacting. The trolls are starting to get on my nerves. It's just not funny anymore. OP-Don't worry, she's just crazy

4chan has better trolls than this. They're either funny or so convincing(while not obvious), it's infuriating. The trolls here don't even try a majority of the time so they're just pests that cause clutter. Sure, maybe the first person that said "YDI for [insert uncontrollable arbitrary reason]!" was funny, but it isn't anymore.

Rabbits 0

I don't get it-did her dad have sex with her?

defunctgeraniums 0

Rules 1 & 2 only apply to raids, newfag.

Your girlfriend is from New Jersey, right?

yes_itsme 0


Just because she is a year younger does NOT make him a pedophile. My mother is a year older than my father- does that make her a pedo?

on the extremely awkward sex talk scale this rates 12/10

who said trolls attempt to be funny?

how is he a pedo? he's just a year older not 20 years older *sheesh* u ppl need to grow up, ppl DO hav sex with ppl even if they r just a yr younger, obviously something bad happened to this girl he did it with

marisalee 0

Rule number 1: Don't talk about Fight Club

mayhembaby 0

woww... that's a little more fuck her life?

julia214 0

exactly what i thought. poor girl. ):

so I guess it wasn't really her "first time"

YDI for having sexual fantasies about your grandma

DirtyDiana_fml 0

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hahahahahaha you're a genius

That's not even funny. That's just disgusting.

That's sick.

eww that's bad, sorry to hear that... and these stupid YDI reasons should stop. seriously, they're NOT funny, now go get a life.

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At 13 she seems to be more mature and reasonable than you. I love when ageists make themselves look foolish.

You STFU too. Sounds like you do daddy.

kagome3124 0

how do you know she's 13? i no that im not 3124 years old.

she's not 13. check her birth date.

Well, that sucks. My condolences on your sexy times being ruined.


thesmartaleck 0

At least she didn't remind you of your mom.

Should have just tried to take it a different way and say "Yeah...who's your daddy?"

#13 The words of someone who has never had a relationship

The words of someone with no sense of humour. 21 and engaged but sure, you knew that ;)

Lonely4 0

#13...that's a weird, sick kind of way LOL Careful know OP is going to try it!