By Ren - United States
Today, I was at work, the Disney Store. A little boy was crying so I went over to him. After talking to him for a little while I found out he couldn't find his mother. When he became comfortable I went to help him stand up, he choked back his tears and then puked all over me from the waist down. FML
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By  savage_pixie  |  0

Just dont have to take that uniform home, and casting will give you another one! Good luck. Im in foods and you dont want to know what the room where we wash the dishes for new orleans square looks like.. 3 inches of water. sludge and soggy food. and that just the floor!

By  PaperxHearts_xox  |  0

Aww, at least you were nice enough to help the poor kid (:
oh, and kudos to working at the Disney Store, lol; it must suck to have to listen to High School Musical and Cinderella all day xP