By OMGraven - United States
Today, I returned home to find that my boyfriend's dog had gotten into the garbage and ripped all my used pads to shreds. There's a trail of Always tatters leading to his dog bed, and blood everywhere. My blood. Oh God. FML
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  turdburgers  |  0

to continue where my time ran out-
And one should be able to deduce that because the FML started out talking about pads that had been ripped up, the "Always" in the last sentence (the stuff that was in tatters) is obviously another word for pads. It's easier if you notice that Always is capitalized and therefore has a different meaning than it normally does.

  repyourcliche  |  0

it's a brand...
why would it be capitalised if it was another word for it?
oh my god, the mental retardation is overwhelming sometimes.

EDIT: or have i misunderstood what in hell you are on about?

  Skyke  |  0

brand names are capitalized. you wouldn't put always in the middle of a sentence with a capital.. i think you should check out your mental retardation level.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

What I didn't get is why there would be blood everywhere unless OP was exaggerating for effect or meant the tatters were bloody. Sanitary napkins are not like sponges; you can't just wring them out. To get graphic, once the blood is in there, it usually congeals. They tend to have crystals or gels to aid this process - otherwise you'd soak yourself every time you sat down.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

'Always' is a brand of pads.
'Pads' are used for a woman's menstrual cycle, which you'll learn about when you're about eleven, seeing as how you're probably a seven year old boy.

  lovezombie  |  0

Pads can't be flushed down the toilet, girls who use pads rather than tampons normally wrap them up and put them in the bathroom trash bin. It doesn't sound fake either, I know people who it has happened to, dogs sniff out the blood and start gnawing, they're carnivores and have instinct. it's not rocket science.

  JD_88  |  0

haha to the above I was thinking that

guys your useless: tampon goes up the hole and a pad sticks to your pants there completley differet things!!!

Goodness me.....!

  MrsDruidess  |  23

op should have known better, all dogs unless VERY well trained will do that. Simply closing the bathroom door or picking up the trash cans would have worked. From what it sounds like its not her dog so she really should have sectioned him off anyway. OP YDI.

Also at least she was the one to find them and not someone else, that would have been worse.

  countryb_cth  |  38

@272 while I some what agree a lot of dogs don't go through the trash. My one dog doesn't go in the trash at all, yet my puppy used to until I trained her. It depends on the dog but once you teach them that it's not ok they stop. I do agree that she should have closed the door but she had no idea her boyfriends dog was going to eat the pads.

  turtle85  |  0

happened to me too. Now every time I go out I make sure I close the bathroom door! Its disgusting having to pick up snot rags and tampons off the floor.


had that happen to me too, when i still lived with my parents... only in my case there was no way of knowing if it was my blood, or my mom's or sister's. yeah, awesome. it was just my dad and i at home when we found it, he said it sure as hell wasn't HIS blood so he wasn't cleaning it up. good times.

  55isalive  |  1

it's definately an fml either way..even if it's ur own it's still disgusting. and then if that dog licked ur face afterwards. that'd jus really push me over the edge