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Today, I asked a coworker if she would cover for me on Easter because I want to spend it with my 3 year old daughter. She said no because she wants to spend Easter with her kids, too. She doesn't have kids. FML
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I have 3 kids and easter is not fun, you don't know what's chocolate and what's poo. till you find out the hard way...

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looks like Easters not comin this year kiddo :)

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so? people without kids don't deserve to have their holidays ? fyl that you got a crap schedule. but blame your boss, not a coworker

Why should she have to suffer through work? I understand you wanting to spend time with your daughter, but it's the company that decides to be open for Easter, start an uprising and take it up with them.

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I think it's not so much that OP has to work on Easter, as much as it is that the co-worker lied.

there's 14 grandkids where I'm at.. Easter is pretty damn fun :)

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lol shes like the fu*k i look like?!

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You are not the center of the Universe OP, your coworker has no reason to take your shift. You are probably getting double time anyway...

The coworker lying is the icing on the cake for the fml. I'm sure op is more upset about having to work on Easter.

lol! TheReal that actually happened to my brother-in-law, the kid is in the middle of toilet training and he picked up something believing it's chocolate... it wasn't... Unsure why the comment has been marked down to be honest, just shows how many FMLers have no clue about kids or still are kids :P

Yeah. Guess what. People without kids are entitled to have a holiday off too. I know this may come as a shock, but sometimes they have families too, or you know, would just like to celebrate the holiday. You are not entitled to special accommodations just because you CHOOSE to have children. Next time put in for the day off prior to her, or earn it with seniority, instead of acting like you're entitled to it for giving birth.

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op is still an asshole am I the only one who has red of people getting forced to work on holidays because people just assumed they had nothin goin on

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Takes a lame ass living in their mama's basement to know one. Try moving to nevada, With enough benijamins even a dork like you can score.

she just doesn't want to cover for you. If she would have just said NO! you would still be mad

dont worry op, there will be that one person that will hopefully love to hang out with you! one your parents:)

Maybe she has secret kids? No, she's probably just a bitch.

No she probably doesn't feel the world revolves around someone else's kids. Bitch??? I think NOT!!

I have to agree with 33. If she wanted that day off she should have organized a replacement in advance. Just cause the co worker doesn't have kids doesn't mean she doesn't have a life... Sorry OP but YDI... Next time don't wait till the last minute. At least your daughter is young so just make up for it when you can. And yes I do have kids of my own before you all say that I'm heartless. Plan in advance!! :)

I think the what a bitch part is that she claimed wanting to spend Easter with her kids but doesn't have any. A non-bitchy move would have just been a simple no, that she had holiday plans already.

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^ Exactly this. While OP should have requested off or at least tried to rearrange her shift, the other co-worker should've been straight up with OP instead of making up some bullshit excuse.

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They are coworkers not BFFs, there is no reason why she should be straight up with OP..

While she shouldn't have lied, it would be my guess that her co-worker just didn't want to listen to her whine about how unfair it is that she has children and can't be with them because her "selfish" co-worker who doesn't have children, and clearly doesn't need the day off won't switch with her, for the rest of the day.

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It all depends on how it was said and what the context is. For instance, it could be that the OP is in the habit of asking these kinds of favors and that the answer was merely ironical.

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agreed. Yea maybe she lied, but not having kids automatically disqualifies her for holidays? Op seems kind of thick

I have to agree. Some people with kids act like their lives are so much more important. She shouldn't have lied because she doesn't owe you an explanation. If she wanted to spend the time with her dying mother, would that have been worthy enough for you, OP? Do you ask her to cover all the other holidays for the same reason? If it meant so much to you, you should've arranged the time of with your employer long ago. I hate it when my husband has to work on holidays but it can't always go our way.

yea maybe she doesn't want to work Easter

Seriously I hate when people with kids assume that you should do something for them/to help their family fun. People without kids don't have to be penalized for it. She shouldn't have lied about something so obvious though. She could've just said she already had plans...

I dont have kids and I'm guessing ( from experience from my workplace) that op probably does ask their coworker to cover all other holidays bc op has kids. family time is important, but children are not the only form of family. the coworker deserves her share of holidays to spend with her family as well.

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Aww I'm sorry OP ask another co-worker and remind them that they will get paid extra for working on Easter!

Paid extra?!?! why would there be extra pay? Not everyone celebrates Christian holidays. Extra pay should not be expected nor is it deserved.

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where I work there is no holiday pay for Easter because it's religious. yet we get paid for Martin luther king day.... and we get paid for christmas too and if you take away all the commercialism that society has tainted christmas with people might remember that Christmas is a religious holiday...

where I work there is no holiday pay, on state or religious holidays. your kid is too young to remember anyways OP just remember to request off major holidays early.

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time and a half on Sunday's and holidays...

#32, you probably don't get paid extra for Easter because it is not a national holiday, not because it's religious. I'm guessing you don't get extra pay for Earth Day, either.

Disneyland paid me time and a half to work on Easter. So some companies do that.

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Where I work I only get paid extra for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

where I work there is no extra pay for any holiday.

where I work there is no extra pay for any holiday.

ha ha I get 8 hrs whether or not I work

It depends on where OP works. Entertainment (i.e. Movie theaters) don't get holiday pay because they're expected to be open every day of the year. Especially since movies come out on holidays.

What kind of job makes you work on Sunday?

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Fast food, grocery stores, movie rental places, hair salons, etc etc........

yeah even though military is an example in sure it's not a good example about covering shifts though

Law Enforcement, hell any public safety employee. I really hope you realize 911 is always open.. o.O

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and hospitals. need someone to be working in the ER for when someone does something dumb and injures themselves or is very ill

Certain jobs,other than the ones listed of course, must remain open. This is due to a large demand for products and services brought on by unaware, potential consumers.

while I am Christian, I don't think it is right to assume everyone else has to be and therefore not everyone has to see Sunday as a day of rest. therefore many businesses choose to stay open to accommodate those who are either not strict observers of the tradition or not observers at all. then of course there are emergency services as listed in other comments as well. just because it's Sunday doesn't mean someone won't need to go to the er.

casinos. guess what? it's Easter in las vegas and I'm working, my boyfriend is working, his parents, my parents... hey OP! our parents didn't try to get someone else to do their job to spend time with us... so does that make your kids more special? I don't think so. get over it. Easter comes every year.

so what if she doesn't have kids. it's her prerogative to say no. I wouldn't cover it either. if you wanted/ needed the day off you should have asked management. do you celebrate all religious holidays? or what did you just want to do with your 3 year old? most 3 y/o don't remember this one of my co-workers said they do Easter like a spring Christmas, to give their kids presents. so NO you would be on your own.

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but she didn't have to be a **** bitch and lie about it...she could have just said no and went on about her business.

I agree with both of you partly. Yeah, OP, you should have asked a long time ago instead the day before Easter. But the co-worker was a bitch by lying. She could have just said "No, sorry. I already have plans."