By as-salamu alaykum, motherfucker - 05/04/2014 22:04 - United Kingdom - Birkenhead

Today, I was having my birthday party. My dad showed up late, blind drunk, and drove his car straight through my garage door. FML
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I guess his party started a little earlier...

ea247 20

Oh that sucks OP i hope you dad at lest is willing to pay for the damages happy birthday btw

Poppy8127 15

This reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Frank drove his car into Ray's house

Poppy8127 15

I don't see why OP has YDI's. How does anyone deserve that?

Jessj958 19

Because some people are just assholes! I don't understand that either.

Sometimes I misclick or select one when scrolling.. perhaps that's where they come from as you can't unselect your vote.

least a birthday you will never forget

ThomasBombadil 31

or hopefully someday laugh about. My dad hit the fire hydrant on our corner drunk, New Years Eve 1977. Snapped it off clean as a whistle. Unlike the movies, water did not go shooting straight up like a geyser. I was in the passenger seat and he asked me to say I was driving. Sort of a future FML. We laugh about it now, a lot. Good luck OP.

kamryno 22

There's no better present than having your dad drunkenly drive through your garage door!

Yes there is. Your grandfather doing that

91hayek 31

Like a stripper coming out of a cake, but instead with more horse power and family participation.

RenbewDesh 9

You BETTER make him pay for that!

10showgirl 16

Your dad really knows how to make an entrance!