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Today, I had to tell my ex that I'm pregnant with his baby. I sent him a casual "Hey :)" text to try to ease into things. He replied, "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?" and ended up threatening to make my life hell if I don't tell my new boyfriend that the child is his. FML
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^that^ is not an acceptable solution to the problem.... At ALL. Making some innocent guy take on the problems of an unruly ex? Deceiving a person you barely know because you can't handle a situation you created In the first place? That isn't responsible. It's despicable.

She already knows she is pregnant, and once the baby's age is known, the guy will easily be able to tell that the pregnancy is too far along to be his anyways, unless she hooks up with a complete moron incapable of basic math.

A child is not something to simply push onto any hapless victim you can find. It is her ex's and HER problem, not the next guy she can trap sleeping with her!

I can't believe some women think like this. As a mother, it makes me sick. If you believe anything of that sort is ok you should not be having/ or raising children. If you get knocked up by accident and insist on having the child, do it, but don't entrap some helpless guy under false pretenses. A "family" built on a lie isn't going to work out.

  Dontalktome  |  9

Agreed. If he can't handle it like a mature/ responsible adult, take his ass to court. Would like to see him threaten the judge since the DNA test confirm its his. In certain cases (repeat non-payment), the state will take child support right out of his earnings before he gets his paycheck.

  clrichmond2009  |  24

they'll also throw his useless ass in jail and the government will pay his child support, which he'll then have to pay back. take it from me though, if the dad is that useless already, you're better off without him in the picture.

  Friaza  |  29

Useless ass? This is disgusting. If she didn't know about the baby, I highly doubt he knew. Which means an abortion is in order, but now. Isn't it a lazy girls dream to obtain a baby, even if it means completely ruining a guys life? This entire story seems pretty one sided. Always making the female baby carrier look like a heroine and the guy who got her pregnant a useless asshole.

I've heard of this situation way too many times. I'd bet they wanted to do it, didn't have any condoms and agreed she'd take the morning-after pill or something along those lines, unless both of them are really dumb enough to risk it.

This is why the world is becoming full of trash. Woman desperately trying to rope down guys with babies in their teens no matter what. I'm not saying it's always the woman's fault, but it's not like he left her after the baby. If she has any self respect she'll take an abortion. The world already has 7 billion people, it doesn't need another set of split up parents in their youth and a father desperately trying to save up money to feed a baby he didn't have a say in existing. Disgusting feminists.

  katina1236  |  20

I'm pro choice but the baby had nothing to do with it's conception. If she chooses to abort it that's her decision, but the fact of the matter is he threatened to make her life hell if she didn't say it's the new guys. That makes him a total asshole. Sure he could be scared of being a dad and that fear came out as anger but it's still no excuse.

  Merylwen  |  24

Actually there are two ways of reading that. Maybe he does want to take responsibility for the child but she won't let him. It's unclear who "his" refers to.

By  PrincessCastiel  |  27

I dont even know what to say about that situation. I feel sorry for you but then again it sounds like you are under 18 which you should be using condoms and/or birth control. Or the best way to not get pregnant is dont have sex! :) Problem solved!

  RosaEP517  |  13

What make you think she is under 18? And as the others said there is no point of saying what she SHOULD have done it's a little too late and I'm sure she knows.

  emilyyy_maryyy  |  14

But you can't compare an unexpected pregnancy to a robbery. At least if you get pregnant, you know it was your fault and your doing. You can't put any blame on yourself when there's a robbery.

  atlchick24  |  6

Hate to say it but birth control and condoms aren't 100%. My daughter is living proof of that. And both was used. I still got pregnant. I had to tell my ex. Never judge till you know the total story.

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

23- I don't know if this is why they chose robbery as an example, but there have been research papers and pro-life/pro-choice articles that compare getting pregnant to getting robbed. It's not a great example, but it has been used "scientifically" as an example for debate many times.


Sorry guys, for my views on life! But I'm a teen so my out look on children is different than adults. Lots of my relatives have gotten knocked up by age 12 so I just kinda sigh when I hear of teens getting pregnant because they couldn't keep it in their pants.... yes yes thumb me down but that's what I believe

  jkmartinjk  |  16

You're using your "beliefs" to paint everyone with a broad brush. As someone pointed out, rape victims do not have an issue "keeping it in their pants."

  Krirn  |  21

I was hoping that by the end of your second comment you were going to say what you originally wanted to, but I was let down, just like my thumb.

  myoukei  |  31

17: i think so long as a parent pays child support, they must be allowed visitation rights. There may be weird circumstances where this is not the case but you can't keep a dad away from a kid if the dad is helping pay for the kid

  aloring  |  14

Definitely not true.. My husband has a 6 year old little boy that he has barely seen. Unless you have a lot of time and money invested in a lawyer the mom can basically do what she wants in certain cases.:(

By  Futacy  |  29

This probably wouldn't have helped the situation, but you always do these kind of things with a phone call. That way, it's a lot better than a text saying, "Hey =) im leik prggo, and ur the daddy!"