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I still think it's weird/neat that almost all guys feels, grabs, or closes eyes when a guys nuts are hurt in some way.

I grabed mine because that will hurt.

I hate the tap the nut and a minute later your on the ground in pain.

  Person000  |  0

ladies to understand this pain just getting hit in the nuts is like you taking a sledge hammer in between the legs and then slowly stab your self up your stomach.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Pendatik, I did know a girl from Birmingham. She was a bloody disgrace. Always saying 'Fuck this and fuck that, fucking little fuckers, fucking brats'! She did have a "Body" on her but was no "Holiday in the Sun". Vicious and Rotten!

  MetalFish  |  0

@Sourgirl, it's the lefty that's bigger for me... well, if a look down it's my left... sooooo... if you was looking it'd be your right. (telling the internet about my 'nads xD )

Apparently it doesn't matter which one is bigger, like women's boobs.