By Username - 08/10/2010 10:53 - France

Today, I was making my bed, which would normally be a simple task, until I leaned into the wooden foot of my bed, and put my entire body weight on my left nut. FML
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Action_Bastard 0

Oh man...pancaking a nut is the worst.

MetalFish 0

dude..... you gotta be careful with those! they aren't like teeth you know, they don't grow back! you only get one set of nuts!


wow u fail ...smh

lemonlife 0

at least you have friends

pwincessa23 1

hope op can have kids...

Scrambled eggs...

You still have your right nut! :D

ouchhhhhhh! omg lol I'm sorry, my nuts feel for you

haha the item formally known as your left nut

KingDingALing 9

Fuck!! That would hurt!! I can feel that pain right now... :/


zerobahamut03 2

Ouch my balls feel your pain.

oh fuck! that's painful!

what a nutty situation

planbsponserme 2

my left nut feels awful just thinkin about it. fyl man. respect

AAAAUUGGH! I can hear the crunch! >.<

I still think it's weird/neat that almost all guys feels, grabs, or closes eyes when a guys nuts are hurt in some way. I grabed mine because that will hurt. I hate the tap the nut and a minute later your on the ground in pain.

Person000 0

ladies to understand this pain just getting hit in the nuts is like you taking a sledge hammer in between the legs and then slowly stab your self up your stomach.

now u got 3 balls?

did it asplode

maybe you can sell it now...

and you have had these balls for how long? Yet you don't keep track of them? Odd. . .

Took the chance didn't you?

ouch, that sucks

did you manadge to find it again?

Action_Bastard 0

Oh man...pancaking a nut is the worst.

NightSkyx 0

Hmm... luckily righty's ok :o

sourgirl101 28

I had pancakes with eggs over easy for breakfast this morning! Yummy!

#3 you look like Kirk Hammett. Shin Chan is one of my favorite shows btw.

TheNinjaBuffalo 0


Epic_Phale615 0

Agreed, it sucks when you break a fall or accidentally lean into something and your nuts are the "cushion".

Action_Bastard 0

Shin Chan is a badass show...holy crap, I do look like Kirk Hammett. Good call 61

fmlwinnn 0

sounds like it hurt...FYL

I about broke my teeth cringing at this . . . FYL OP

MetalFish 0

dude..... you gotta be careful with those! they aren't like teeth you know, they don't grow back! you only get one set of nuts!

teeth don't grow back.... unless you're a shark

MetalFish 0

well, they get replaced... I was half right. It's been a long day for me, im allowed to make mistakes!

#7, you fail because teeth only get replaced once. Everybody knows that.

bryan4595 0

u mean nuts aren't like pubes then u make sense

I moderated this I feel special

perdix 29

As in Olympics? Do you want a cookie?

I like to take a hammer to the special olympics and beat people with it. no I am a genius k?

Shaggy_92 5

you are awesomely brutal 10 out of 10

cool iron maiden sticker in the background

perdix 29

That why you leave that work to the womenzes! A man making his own bed is just nuts!

I have a question; Why is it always the "left nut" that gets all the attention? Like "suck my left nut!" what makes the right nut incapable?

iamchuck 0

The left nut is the pretty one.

RedPillSucks 31

Not anymore, perdix. I suspect he's just a singular nut now.

Haha 13 I never realized that before

sourgirl101 28

I've heard that the right nut is always larger than it's twin. That's why many men's penises slant.

MetalFish 0

My right one isn't bigger :| I'm worried now D:

sourgirl101 28

Metalfish not to get too personal but are you measuring correctly? Get that checked out. It's one of the signs of Testicles forum cancer. nojoke

sourgirl101 28

I love that "Sex Pistol"'s album.

Ay yo ay Pendatik! Those are fightin' words!

sourgirl101 28

Pendatik, I did know a girl from Birmingham. She was a bloody disgrace. Always saying 'Fuck this and fuck that, fucking little fuckers, fucking brats'! She did have a "Body" on her but was no "Holiday in the Sun". Vicious and Rotten!

MetalFish 0

@Sourgirl, it's the lefty that's bigger for me... well, if a look down it's my left... sooooo... if you was looking it'd be your right. (telling the internet about my 'nads xD ) Apparently it doesn't matter which one is bigger, like women's boobs.

MetalFish 0

You're a failure* Ironic...