By Username - 08/10/2010 10:53 - France

Today, I was making my bed, which would normally be a simple task, until I leaned into the wooden foot of my bed, and put my entire body weight on my left nut. FML
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Action_Bastard 0

Oh man...pancaking a nut is the worst.

MetalFish 0

dude..... you gotta be careful with those! they aren't like teeth you know, they don't grow back! you only get one set of nuts!


lemonlife 0
pwincessa23 1

ouchhhhhhh! omg lol I'm sorry, my nuts feel for you

haha the item formally known as your left nut

KingDingALing 9

****!! That would hurt!! I can feel that pain right now... :/

zerobahamut03 2

Ouch my balls feel your pain.

planbsponserme 2

my left nut feels awful just thinkin about it. fyl man. respect

AAAAUUGGH! I can hear the crunch! >.<

I still think it's weird/neat that almost all guys feels, grabs, or closes eyes when a guys nuts are hurt in some way. I grabed mine because that will hurt. I hate the tap the nut and a minute later your on the ground in pain.

Person000 0

ladies to understand this pain just getting hit in the nuts is like you taking a sledge hammer in between the legs and then slowly stab your self up your stomach.

and you have had these balls for how long? Yet you don't keep track of them? Odd. . .

Action_Bastard 0

Oh man...pancaking a nut is the worst.

NightSkyx 0

Hmm... luckily righty's ok :o

sourgirl101 28

I had pancakes with eggs over easy for breakfast this morning! Yummy!

#3 you look like Kirk Hammett. Shin Chan is one of my favorite shows btw.

Epic_Phale615 0

Agreed, it sucks when you break a fall or accidentally lean into something and your nuts are the "cushion".

Action_Bastard 0

Shin Chan is a badass show...holy crap, I do look like Kirk Hammett. Good call 61

fmlwinnn 0

I about broke my teeth cringing at this . . . FYL OP

MetalFish 0

dude..... you gotta be careful with those! they aren't like teeth you know, they don't grow back! you only get one set of nuts!

teeth don't grow back.... unless you're a shark

MetalFish 0

well, they get replaced... I was half right. It's been a long day for me, im allowed to make mistakes!

#7, you fail because teeth only get replaced once. Everybody knows that.

bryan4595 0

u mean nuts aren't like pubes then u make sense

perdix 29

As in Olympics? Do you want a cookie?

I like to take a hammer to the special olympics and beat people with it. no I am a genius k?

Shaggy_92 5

you are awesomely brutal 10 out of 10

cool iron maiden sticker in the background

perdix 29

That why you leave that work to the womenzes! A man making his own bed is just nuts!

I have a question; Why is it always the "left nut" that gets all the attention? Like "suck my left nut!" what makes the right nut incapable?

iamchuck 0

The left nut is the pretty one.

RedPillSucks 31

Not anymore, perdix. I suspect he's just a singular nut now.

sourgirl101 28

I've heard that the right nut is always larger than it's twin. That's why many men's penises slant.

MetalFish 0

My right one isn't bigger :| I'm worried now D:

sourgirl101 28

Metalfish not to get too personal but are you measuring correctly? Get that checked out. It's one of the signs of Testicles forum cancer. nojoke

sourgirl101 28

I love that "Sex Pistol"'s album.

Ay yo ay Pendatik! Those are fightin' words!

sourgirl101 28

Pendatik, I did know a girl from Birmingham. She was a bloody disgrace. Always saying '**** this and **** that, ******* little *******, ******* brats'! She did have a "Body" on her but was no "Holiday in the Sun". Vicious and Rotten!

MetalFish 0

@Sourgirl, it's the lefty that's bigger for me... well, if a look down it's my left... sooooo... if you was looking it'd be your right. (telling the internet about my 'nads xD ) Apparently it doesn't matter which one is bigger, like women's boobs.

MetalFish 0