By Anonymous - 05/04/2014 23:16 - United States - Windsor Heights

Today, I had to take a drug test for a new job. I ended up spilling the cup of pee all over myself. I had to explain what had happened, then go sit in a waiting room full of disgusted-looking people, while I kept drinking water to fill my bladder back up. FML
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Capitan 15

Your story brought back the memories.. Except mine spilled on the nurse. She was pissed.


Urine luck if nobody finds our about it.

Yeah, just don't spill to your friends about what happened and you'll be fine.

Sounds like a piss in the pants good time!

OP should make a song about it. I'd definitely download the M PEE 3

43... No, just no. That doesn't even make sense.

How easy is it to spill a cup of your own piss, though?

Easy enough when you aren't paying attention.

How did you end up spilling it over yourself OP?

How does anyone spill anything on themselves? It's an accident. Although, speaking as someone who deals with patients' urine samples on a daily basis for work, I know first hand just how utterly unstable those cups are. Half of the time the cap doesn't even seal properly.

...that second part of your comment really should have been your only reply, urine nurse. Especially if you knew the answer -.-

And no part of your comment should have been your reply.

Your username matches your reply so well #37.

Capitan 15

Your story brought back the memories.. Except mine spilled on the nurse. She was pissed.

My cup luckily spilled on the floor. I had set it on the back of the toilet which, I soon discovered, was sloped.

very embarrassing situation OP. At least you (hopefully) won't see those people ever again

Octwo 16

I just keep wondering how they think they have a right to be disgusted. He's the one covered in urine. If anyone gets to be disgusted, it's him.

I had to look twice at "disgusted looking people" because I read it as "disgusting looking people."

All that while covered in piss? Now that sucks.

cosmicriver 17

I feel your pain, my friend. I have done that myself. I have another drug test story, but I think I may attempt posting it. A hilariously embarrassing story for another time.

Wizardo 33

Urethra be covered in piss than fail the test, in the end no one is gonna keep tract of this event anyway.

I know your intentions were good and you just wanted to kid me, but most of those would be rather a stretch to even the most generous reader. That's quite enough, Random Online Noob. (Or "That's 'nuff, RON.") - Sincerely, The Anti-Pun League

PS: I'm not actually as pissed as I think I might seem—oh no! I've been corrupted! PPS: It occurred to me that people might not get the last one. It's nephron. I need sleep.

babygurll19 10

#8, good try... it would've made more sense if you put "or" because you're trying to point out an "either-or" situation.

My brother dropped his cup filled with pee in the toilet and spilled it all. Then he had to drink a whole bunch as well lol but that's pretty embarrassing OP. FYL

Well, accidents happen. Hope you get the job at least :)

A room full of disgusting people? Says the person covered in piss...

Disgusted people not disgusting people!

"Disgusted-looking people" because he was covered in piss.. Not disgusting people.

You're right! My bad, I can't read :( Now I'm "that guy"

t1tzRw1n 8

He said disgusted-looking... As in they seemed grossed out.