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Today, I was having a debate with my friend over tattoos. I used the example that you wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari. He looked me in the eye and said, "Yeah, but you're no Ferrari. More like a Prius." FML
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amandalillian 27

I think having your own opinions on controversial topics is fine.. As long as you voice it appropriately.


Valentina_Baby 7

Yeah but when people have full body tattoos I hate it...

Yeah, but tattoos aren't there for your delight - they're there for the person who got them.

I think having your own opinions on controversial topics is fine.. As long as you voice it appropriately.

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Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they all stink.

20- That's excuses haha And OP I think he just called you a pussy xD

Well you've got some pretty good gas mileage and you're pretty fuel efficient from, what I've heard, OP so that's pretty good!

koolkat27 13

56- The only thing is, Prius' are butt-ugly.

..And nobody wants to be seen riding them

Sparks808 10

Except the millions of people who have a Prius.

66- Your picture suits your comment very well.

Llamacod 11

lets be realistic here 73, its not like we're talking f150 sales here, as of february only 2.5 million priuses have been sold worldwide with about 1/2 being sold in the united states and according to one article I found, many of those are taxis. So lets face it, a prius is very much like a far girl; fun to ride but wouldn't want to be seen in it

Llamacod 11

ugh I meant fat girl not far girl

JocelynKaulitz 28

Well, it's better than being like a scooter or something…

Every time I see a Prius, I think of Horrible Bosses and how he doesn't win many drag races. Back to the tattoo topic, everyone is entitled to have an opinion. Some people believe tattoos are a form of art while others believe that the human bodies are temples and should not be altered. Nobody is right or wrong; just accept that each person thinks differently and move along.

XxHoPPoxX 8

102 how is having sex with a fat chick fun?

The "fun to ride but no one wants to be seen doing it" is about mopeds or scotters. There is nothing fun about a prius either. Its like the most bare bones no balls transportation, but is good on gas.

amandalillian 27
DontModMeDammit 10

That's what I was thinking. Built for efficiency is an insult? I think he should have said mini van if he wanted to insult op.

DreBeezy 9

Hey! A Prius is a nice car too!

blcksocks 19

Ok guys, I mean sure it looks like a lunch box, and sure it has the horsepower of a mouse and sure you can outrun a Prius while jogging but c'mon it's a .... Wait nevermind the car is crap.

lamort_fml 4

You say crap, I say 40 miles per gallon

You say 40, I say 50 miles a gallon and no action for 5 years guaranteed!

Ya but Op's friend called him a tampon on wheels.

blcksocks 19

47 and 51, If miles per gallon were the only thing that matters, then wouldn't everyone have those silly electric cars? I wouldn't mind spending a few more bucks on gas and drive a fun car instead.

perdix 29

29, 62, You don't know what the **** you are talking about. The Prius isn't a muscle car, but it's got sufficient juice to get on the freeway safely. When you mash on the gas, the gas engine and electric motor work together to provide good acceleration. I've gone over 100K and have had much less maintenance than any other car I've ever owned. Still getting around 50 mpg indicating the battery is still fine. Go ahead and buy a "fun" car. I have an adequate penis -- I don't need to buy a machine to try to cover up its failings.

blcksocks 19

Ah.. And claiming you have an "adequate penis" on a public forum must be really doing wonders in trying to cover up your failings huh? Also dont try to tell me how a hybrid engine works. I know exactly what The **** I am talking about.

perdix 29

#71, no, you don't. You're just a hack lifting gags from "Horrible Bosses" and "The Other Guys." You've never even been in a Prius, I'll bet. It has better acceleration than a lot of compact cars and small SUV's. It's exceptionally reliable. Except for the looks you don't like (which is subjective), you've provided not a single true fact to back up your assertion that is it "crap."

thatKidzmOm 10

Perdix, dear, calm down. Personally I wish they'd make a car as reliable and good on gas in the shape of something along the lines of the eclipse spyder or mustang gt. Buuuuut....that's just my opinion.

blcksocks 19

Well I haven't seen those movies but you must be happy Prius was atleast mentioned somewhere. Now if you are asking me why I don't think a car which has barely 134 HP and 150 pounds of torque is fun, then it must be subjective too right? And i guess so is your idea of "good acceleration". Well anyways I hope you enjoy your car. To each his own.

You say Obama 2012, I say NObama 2012.

perdix 29

#77, for some of us "fun," aka rapid acceleration, is not the main feature we look for in a car. High gas mileage and long-term reliability are more important to some of us, and in those respects, the Prius is a singularly superior vehicle. I've always been able to accelerate on on-ramps and merge into the flow of traffic easily. Acceleration beyond that is wasteful, in my book. And, yes, I've gotten a few speeding tickets in it. You should just quit lying about the Prius, and, by the way, the units of torque is foot-pounds (or N-m, in SI).

blcksocks 19

Oh boy! You just want to keep digging your own hole eh? I already said I hope you enjoy your ride. Anyways I got some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that Toyota recalled its hybrid Prius again because of brake problems. The good news is your Prius doesn't go fast enough for the brakes to be a major issue. Peace out.

TheDrifter 23

I have 350,000 km on a Jetta TDI, 65 mpg, great reliability and people only laugh at the rust. Therefore I only take it when on a long trip. Every car has its own purpose and even someone as hillbilly as me sees no shame in buying a vehicle for every purpose, no matter how ugly. My yard is getting kinda crowded with them though.

You say 40 mpg's I say I have shoes bigger than a Prius... and more stylish

It's funny how from #71 to #77 it took him a whole 30 minutes to reply(probably busy looking up his newfound Prius facts online)

You say 40 mpg but I say I have shoes bigger than a Prius… an more stylish

You guys make the biggest deals over the smallest things. To think people actually got angry over internet arguments...

I'm actually quite impressed. I've never seen perdix get into an argument--or angry, even--on this site before. But if I learned one thing, it's this: Don't talk shit about the Prius. Side note: I find it funny that blcksocks said "To each their own" and then continued to bash on a car he knew little to nothing about, like a bratty preschooler. Shows a lot about his character.

Wow kkkkkk perdoc and blocksock yall need to chill like your arguing over an fml. Neither of u sound smart sounds like ya'll are on google. FYLs lmao

Llamacod 11

sillystyle, I hate to piss on your parade buuuut, in all fairness, while it may have taken 30min from comment 71 to 77 for replies or whatnot, but did you really expect him reply to his own comment? I see that it took him about 8 minutes to reply to perdix's comment which seems reasonable. if you're going to attempt to knock someone at least do it in a way that matters.

suobabes: Don't mean to piss on your parade, but based on THAT comment, you don't exactly sound like an Einstein yourself.

47, thumbs down because of your avatar.

MarisaCB 16

Perdix wins this argument because he's Perdix. I can guarantee Perdix has plenty of life experience to back him up.

Ugh. A car enthusiast. I know dick about cars, but I at least have enough common sense to realize that someone who drives a prius wants fuel efficiency, not speed or torque. Just because it's not a car YOU want doesn't mean it's crap.

Also, electric cars can't even go 100 miles on a single charge (from what I hear), and good luck finding a place to charge them, so that was a stupid argument. When they can go a far as gas cars can on a tank and charging stations are as common gas stations, everyone may very well be driving them.

I have a Prius and whenever the light turns green I am almost always the fastest accelerating car.

I have a Prius and whenever the light turns green I am almost always the fastest accelerating car.

all this smug is killing our air! I hope I'm not the only one who remembers this south park..

22cute 17

The Prius is a hot environmentally flashy car. Not as hot as Perdix's passion for this argument, though, but definitely adequate. As far as the adequacy of your penis, I may need to judge that for myself. ;)

SenselessPattern 12

120 don't worry buddeh, got the reference. As to the whole Prius arguement and its relation to the FML, I feel obligated to point out 71,77 etc got his 'lunchbox' joke from Jeff Dunham. Give that comedic god the credit he deserves. He makes a living off of god damn puppets. *Salute*

71/77 you want a car that gets 0-60 in under 5 seconds, and costs less than 15$ to fill? Instead of dropping cash on a sports car get a tesla. 100% electric with a top speed of 130ish mph and a 300 mile range. That's a badass electric car

blcksocks apparently DOESN'T know what he's talking about. He jus be trollin' so we be hatin. Perdix didn't win this argument because he's Perdix; he put forth valid statements and logical arguments whereas blcksocks had no intellect in his. That gets me kinda hot ;)

blcksocks 19

Haha wow just saw this. What 34 comments? And 141, Naah Man, as a mechanical engineer I just thought there is no point continuing the discussion with someone who thinks the acceleration of a fuel injected pure internal combustion engine is comparable to a full hybrid engine like Prius. I do agree about the fuel efficiency but I was never contesting that. So just because a frequent commenter drives it, doesn't make it a fun car. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Btw, I drive my brother-in-law's Prius quite often and always make fun of it, but that doesn't mean I hate the car. I just think my BMW is more fun :). Ps: perdix fans can feel free to thumb me down.

It's not just because perdix has a reputation, he ******* knows what he's talking about dude! In my opinion you were just trying to grasp on to what little information about the car you had.

Colonel_Lexi 18

71-Perdix means that he is not compensating for his penis size by buying "fun cars" because some men purchase unnecessarily elaborate vehicles(especially Hummers) to compensate for their inadequate penis sizes.

145, you are an idiot. I dislike you for everything you are. From the stupid things you say to your dumb picture. I hope you have a terrible day.

I cannot believe I just wasted part of my life reading this argument.

22cute 17

I want a Tesla! Where can I buy one?! Prefix - I wasn't trying to mock you. I just found your intensity very sexy. LoL

I've watched gas prices fluctuate from between $1.429 per liter to $1.549 per liter in the last month, without rhyme or reason; this will continue in my Canadian province ALL summer long. I don't care how "fun" the car is; I want a car with great gas mileage, reliability, safety, and useable space. I'll save "fun" for the day when I have more money than sense... No wait, then I'll be buying those ridiculous shoes with very high, skinny heels!

baddawg365 0

How is Op a prude? Because I saw no mention of op not putting out or that they do. Either way that was a stupid comment

Just because I think your profile picture is awesome. I'm giving you a thumbs up. Won't make a difference, but every little bit helps.

The word prude doesn't only refer to modesty concerning sex, rather it concerns modesty in overall conduct. So it's not too much of a stretch to say someone who doesn't support getting tattoos is a prude.

koolkat27 13

i'm guessing 35 is probably a prude too...

You guys are retarded. Saying someone is a prude just because he doesnt want a tattoo is a majorly shallow assumption.

KRS_13 0

A very old rusty bike that is

Smart and economical! Better for the world ;)

alisidewinder 9

I can ride my bike with no handlebars,

Well, it is a little vain to compare yourself to a ferrari... And a prius is still pretty good looking.

I agree. Who would be like a Ferrari? Monica Bellucci or Queen Rania of Jordan are names that come to mind. I know nothing about cars, though, so feel free to disagree with my examples. It really annoys me how some people get hurt when you tell then they're not top of the heap.

7- it's a metaphor, OP wasn't necessarily comparing himself to a Ferrari, it could just have been an example.

Toyota is Japanese but it's assembled in America. I've had my Prius for ten years with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Based on dependability, and the fact that I get 50 mpg, no, Prius' are NOT bad.

Tell him that if you're a Prius, then he's a go-cart

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the_enigma1019 1

Ouch, I will have to try that out sometime

the_enigma1019 1

It kinda fit to the situation and conversation. I don't think you could really pull it off in any normal conversation.

"Your face is ugly" the-engima- "Oh I see how it is. YOUR A PRUIS!!!" Nah doesnt really work out