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Some people just go through life being douchebags, don't let someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed get to you

Ouch. Sorry that happened to you OP Some people get joy in being rude to complete strangers. He'll piss off the wrong guy someday...just wait.


I guarantee OP is also beautiful on the outside too :). That douche bag just has to insult others because of his own insecurities.

Personally when I see guys with really nice cars, like huge trucks, I always think they're over compensating for something.


that's a stupid assumption, we're guys, we like cars, doesn't mean we're over compensating for anything


I drive a lifted 2014 jeep wrangler and I'm not compensating. It's what I wanted so I went out and got it, people should be able to do what they enjoy without a stigma

He's a pile of cock-spit. Who cares if some rude prick thinks you're ugly. His opinion means nothing anyways. Head up, OP! =)

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