By tubby - Sweden - Karlskrona
Today, my friend showed off her new tattoo, which is supposed to say "bad bitch" in Italian, and I had to point out that it actually says "defective female". Her response was to cuss me out and inform me that I'm no longer part of her social circle. FML
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  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

Defective basically means the same thing as bad, and female is the same as bitch. I would be a hell of a lot more pissed if the tattoo was mine and it meant something completely different than what I wanted. At least hers turned out similar.

  Drigr  |  9

Is there even an Italian way to say "bad bitch"? "Defective female" may be the closest thing in Italian to what the friend wanted. And things like this are exactly why I'm trying to find someone to tell me the proper norse runes for véurr before I get it in a tattoo.


137 & 67- 57 is actually correct. My gramps is full Italian so he's always taught me how to speak some of it.. It reads "dog bad"
English is the only language where we put adjectives in front of our nouns.

  Bob_Cat_fml  |  14

#199 Actually we usually put the adjective after the noun in French (une fille blonde = a blond girl), there are few exceptions only when it's before (un petit chien = a small dog). And I'm realising I don't know why O_o
And #173, in German for example adjectives are before the noun. (Ein weißer Hund = A white dog) I doubt it's the only one along with English.

  vintagemeow  |  6

You're right 202- but my point was English isn't the only language that does this; from memory there's about 14 French adjectives that regularly precede the noun, petit, grand, marrant etc.

  Jackeeleedee  |  6

Actually, bad bitch in italian should be "cagna male" defective female would be "difettoso femminile" I think the OP was trying to insult her friends tattoo

  TergesteCity  |  11

maybe you mean "donna difettosa": "femminile" is for the female gender, as "female" but without meaning also a female person; also "difettoso" is neutral or male adjective.
also, "cagna male" mean nothing, because "male" is not an adjective, but a noun; the adjective for "bad" is "cattivo (male/neutral) / cattiva (female)" -> "cagna cattiva"

  22cute  |  17

This is hilarious! Your friend is wearing an insult tattooed on her skin.
I cannot help but wonder: why did she want to write it in Italian? Why not Swedish? Does "bad bitch" in swedish mean the same as it does in English? Do they have a word equivalent to "bitch" in Italian? And is it now used the way it is in US- to mean an attractive woman? Does it mean a mean nasty woman in other circumstances or is there a different

  22cute  |  17

Yeah, I don't get it either. But all women are "bitches" in rap songs now. And all men are "niggas", right? I hate it but there it is. I don't know how long before twisted things like that cross cultural boundaries.

#129 - How can you jack a thread that's already jacked? #2 says exactly the same as the first.

  mrszane93  |  5

Why do females call themselves bitches? Because a famous person did and it's supposed to be cool? Being called a bitch was intentionally meant to be disrespecting a female. Hint: a bitch is a female dog. "bad bitch" = "bad loud barking female dog"

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

4, I'm hoping the tattoo is in the tramp stamp area too. Imagine a dude looking down while having sex with her, doggie style, and thinking "what the hell?" I'm laughing just picturing it.

  elmousey  |  5

This is good advice, but even better would be to get a tattoo that actually means something. Not some dumb phrase in a language you don't know or understand at all.