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Today, I came home to my boyfriend wearing one of my pads on his hand, because he didn't want to pay to go to the hospital for stitches. FML
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Well it absorbs blood ;)

we are in a recession!!


Well it absorbs blood ;)

isaiaha11 2

#2 they are like tampons

xoSammyBearxo 0

2, don't worry bout it. your not a girl.

Trupe 3

Well they were meant to absorb blood. And doctors are such a hassle. Imagine what other strange things he couldve used. Although I can't thing of anything much more strange.

Whatever works go for it

well at least he's trying to save money right? :-/

Thabb 0

It works though, right?

oh boohoo. my boyfriend saved himself a trip to the hospital. Cry some more op. FHL for having to deal with you

The bloody hell!?

losers_inc 0

Wtf??? OP get over it it's not that serious? maybe you should have a first aid kit around if you feel like him using your pads is soooooo horrible

nateb1tch 1

well hopefully the gash wasnt too bad

@58 - How do you mean #1 is fake? Like, are you calling the girl herself fake, or the comment she posted? Because I think both look pretty legit.

He should have stuck a tampon in that hole in his head.

Your boyfriend is just a pussy.

KiddNYC1O 20

68- LOL. pun intended?

boyguydudemalema 0

i agree with #60 cuz #1 looks like a real girl and her comment is pretty much true or maybe ur talking about her picture being not her ?

He was just putting it to it's use. :)

58- fake because her name is horcrux? I'd have to agree.

iSitt 0

if he needs stitches then he needs stitches. docs don't put those on for fun.

smart guy! I would do it

i mean the girl she's pretending to be is fake. she's a friends friend her name is Julie

hahaha he's hilarious :')

twinny_sc 13

lol wow funny! my boyfriend would never touch one!

that sounds like something I would do lol. that's pretty funny tho. but it coulda been worse. you could have came home and he had tampons in his nose cuz he didn't wanna go to the hospital for a broken nose :P.

thats funnnnny

people commenting on 58--- I think she says it's fake bc her picture can be easily found in google with the right keywords.. I've seen that pic a few times, but I'm not gonna judge

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Harry Potter ftw.

that is funny and if i did find my husband has one i would die laughing

tell him to go to Canada :)

kinukle 0

nice bieber cut 141

ha i have free health care booyah

ImsoMikhail 0

141 looks like Justin bieber 0.o

I guess those pads aren't blank anymore.

did he ice it down with your douche bag too ?

if you look like Justin Bieber then you should probably kill yourself. especially if you do it intentionally

#1 is hot >.> Lol I liek your hair. (Im not a pedo, nor a guy.)

tweetbaby14 18

she is saying #1 has a fake pic I've seen it on google before under something something emo girls( not sure if that's what it was under exactly). but OP that's what pads are for it's not like he's taking your scented ones and sniffing them so relax it's not a fml.

58/169/etc: Whether that's her or not, I think I've seen the girl in the pic on the Go Back and Change blog.

Generalx3 0

I wanna hit #189... REALLY hard. idk why. Face pisses me off.

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used to soak up period blood

I presume OP means feminine pads, normally used for absorbing menstrual blood during her period.

2 fails, horribly

Daerauko 0

yeah dude. I think your step mom needs to drag you back to CVS and finish the talk lol

It's a 60's - 70's word for where I live... my apartment.

lonesomeXheartbr 0

so the fml is that he got blood on your new iPad? that sucks

96- he put a PAD, (what girls use on their periods) not on her IPAD....

110 he was being sarcastic.

what do you know

sizzle1012 0

#40 is rude. you are suppose to comment on the fml not the people who are commenting (which is the right thing)

3son_fail3 0

110- 96 was sarcastic

Guys, I'm going to give 2 the benefit of the doubt here and assume they were making a smart ass comment. Just what exactly are pads? Bandages, essentially.

lonesomeXheartbr 0

no I wasn't. ^ but right there i was

145- were you or not????

Silkie 0

Haha :D #2 I love you. C:

slim21st 1

agreed... 40 is a bitch

lonesomeXheartbr 0

of course ha

cheergirly16 0

oh wow guys 2 fails terribly howbis 40 a bitch you guys are dumbb.....lmao can't detect a fail when you hear one? lol

128: Not really. Why have a reply-to-comment feature if we're not encouraged to talk amongst ourselves?

Randen_fml 0

looks like it was used exactly for it's purpose quit bitching that your boyfriend is a genius.

you look like this girl that used to do drugs:) and she was on AeTv

we are in a recession!!

v1kt4r 13

Hahaha :)

leaveitbe 0

win on his part. good thinking

SabrinaEstrella 0

Agreed. I actually think it's kinda cute ^_^.

Resourceful, too.

well unless it was the last one, I don't see how this an fml

Hopefully it was super absorbency.

TheBreaKer_fml 0

versaemerge ftw!!! gonna see then at warped

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

nothing wrong with that op. this isn't an fml

That's a keeper you have their OP he's a freaking genius :)

FYL_LoveMolly 0

LMAO! Best FML in a while xD

Slightly odd use, but go MacGyver!