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  Trupe  |  3

Well they were meant to absorb blood. And doctors are such a hassle. Imagine what other strange things he couldve used. Although I can't thing of anything much more strange.

  jpjruler  |  0

that sounds like something I would do lol. that's pretty funny tho. but it coulda been worse. you could have came home and he had tampons in his nose cuz he didn't wanna go to the hospital for a broken nose :P.


people commenting on 58--- I think
she says it's fake bc her picture can be easily found in google with the right keywords.. I've seen that pic a few times, but I'm not gonna judge

  tweetbaby14  |  17

she is saying #1 has a fake pic I've seen it on google before under something something emo girls( not sure if that's what it was under exactly). but OP that's what pads are for it's not like he's taking your scented ones and sniffing them so relax it's not a fml.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Guys, I'm going to give 2 the benefit of the doubt here and assume they were making a smart ass comment. Just what exactly are pads? Bandages, essentially.