Small talk is hell

By thisismyawkwardface - 19/02/2014 07:17 - South Africa - Johannesburg

Today, I was struggling through small-talk at a party where I knew nobody. Tattoos came up and I started talking about trendy, girly tattoos like feathers, anchors and infinity signs with stupid words in them. Turns out the girl I was talking to had all three. FML
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Tattoos is one subject I don't insult, because people have them for personal reasons I know nothing about.

If she likes them, cool. But she can't get mad if people make fun of her for following the pack. My favorite is "refuse to sink" with an anchor. ANCHORS SINK PEOPLE.


Wow, you're so desperate for the first comment you'd just spam shit. Get a life.

I did it for the soul purpose of making you miserable #3

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Could be worse she could've also had barb wire wrapped around her upper arm

25, that's not a "white girl" tattoo, If you know what I mean. All three OP was talking about are tattoos that pretty much every white girl will get, that and a dream catcher.

#31: No, I'm pretty sure a lot of people, regardless of race, share the same sentiments about the same tattoos. Besides your racist comment, I will also argue that "white girls" are not required to acquire tattoos of a certain stereotype.

kind of a shitty thing to say, if she likes those tattoo designs then what's wrong with getting them?

If she likes them, cool. But she can't get mad if people make fun of her for following the pack. My favorite is "refuse to sink" with an anchor. ANCHORS SINK PEOPLE.

As someone with fair amount of tattoos (not feathers or anchors or anything), I would never make fun of someone's tattoo. It's none of their business what I get on me, so it's none of my business what they get on them. Making fun of art that's forever on someone's body is a shitty thing to do. You making fun of if isn't going to make it go away, it's just going to potentially make them feel bad about themselves. What someone puts on their body is a personal choice, and has zero effect on you. Just because I wouldn't get the "I refuse to sink" tattoo doesn't mean that I have some kind of superiority over people who do have it.

Whats wrong with that? If she wants the tattoos thats fine. Don't judge her for not getting some totally wild, artistic tattoo.

She's free to get a tattoo and everyone else is free to judge them. Don't like it? Don't get a visible tattoo.

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#55 of course anchors sink and they are used to keep what it's attached to in place. Therefore I get the refuse to sink pictures I see, cause the anchor is the thing that keeps one to stay grounded. Also I could care less what one gets on their body, it's their body. Who am I to criticize cause they got a cute tattoo? lol

#55, yes we get it anchors sink, that's kind of the irony in it. Navy tattoos have traditional meanings that may not make sense to some. However some people do get them simply because they look cool I suppose and have no meaning other then for looks.

So just because it is a "permanent" thing, people can't form opinions?

Everybody judges people. People judge people when they tell them not to judge people. Judging people is just your opinion on them and everyone has opinions.

You're a human being that's who. Humans are sentient beings that think for themselves and can form opinions on whatever they want, which forms whether or not they like something or not.

You can most certainly form opinions and judgments based on anything, but you insulting the person with it is what turns you from a human to an asshole. If I thought colored hair was weird, I'd never walk up to someone and say "your blue hair looks weird and generic" because 1) i'm not an asshole, 2) it's not my business to say, especially when it's something so subjective. Not to mention you could permanently hurt someone's feelings [being told I looked like a poodle kept me from wearing my hair natural for another two years]. Here's a rule: if the person can't change it in five seconds right then and there, don't comment on it.

I don't like unoriginal tattoos anymore, they're boring. Get creative

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A friend of mine's mum has the name of all her children tattooed down her back. She has 7 and I think that's damn sweet

Tattoos is one subject I don't insult, because people have them for personal reasons I know nothing about.

I agree to an extent, but having tacky tattoos that are just popular culture is not something personal, it's usually a popularity thing. Other tattoos I do keep from commenting on cause it can have something to do with deceased family or struggles in the past.

I have to disagree. People may get the same tattoos, but for drastically different reasons. For example, my twin cousins have the exact same bird tattoo. It has ribbons, and is multi-colored. It LOOKS girly. The difference is that they got the tattoo in remembrance of their mother who passed away from cancer when they were young teens. Her favorite bird was a sparrow. That is why I don't comment on tattoos beyond asking about the backstory or admiring them. A tattoo doesn't have to have a glaring sign of deep importance to other people. What matters is the importance to the person who has it.

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yeah, i have two tattoos and plan on getting many more. I will never get a tattoo that just "looks cool" whatever i have/get will always mean something to me and will have a story behind it!

Most tattoos I've seen, the girls got because they were "pretty". I have a koi fish on my shoulder but unlike most, it faces upward and is only in grayscale. I got mine because of the symbolism behind it ans what it means to me.

26- You still haven't said anything about what it actually means to you.

Some people need to be careful where they put "tacky" tattoos (whether its put there for symbolism or just style), some tattoos in certain locations can mean different things. Like roses, seem nice right? Put them in the wrong spot (I forget if its wrist or ankles, but something like that), and you just labelled yourself as a prostitute.

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#30 I have a band tattoo not because they are "cool" but because that band has music that helps me no matter what mood I am in. I actually met the band I have a tattoo of. They are extremely nice guys that make you feel like you have known them for years. Not every celebrity is gonna turn out to be a neo-nazi

Yea, people shouldn't be so quick to judge tattoos. I have a tattoo of a phoenix feather on my wrist because it symbolizes recovery from my 12 years of having an eating disorder. It's a common tattoo that I often get flack about, but it reminds me that I'm strong and to be hopeful.

#35, it doesn't matter if I state the meaning. It's representative of my true personality and no one on this website knows me lol.

I got a tattoo of a peacesign on my wrist jus because. you can make fun of that all you want

26- There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo because it looks pretty. A tattoo doesn't have to have some deep meaning behind it to be awesome, loads of people get them just because they look cool and I don't see what's wrong with that at all.

It's probably for the best that you found out in conversation rather than in bed with her

Well...OP is a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with "girl love," I just think your comment is not applicable to this situation. Lol.

And THAT is why you don't say anything bad about tattoos. You never know if the person you're talking to has the kind of tattoo you're talking about. I feel your pain OP. I once said something about people in my school who actually have a marijuana leaf tattoo. Turns out my friend that I was talking to, who was a bit of a pothead at the time, had gotten one. He was able to laugh it off though.

Pot tattoos are right up there in stupidity as getting your significant other's name tattooed on you. Just ignorant.

overused tattoos are annoying. the one I hate the most is 'carpe diem'

I don't consider people who get a 'yolo' tattoo to be considered human. more of a lesser form of vermin.

The correct response to yolo is nolo. In Latin, i believes it means "do not want" and in a Scandinavian language it means "you're embarrassing."

You are thinking of Finnish, and it simply means "embarrassing", no you're. Also, the Latin translates closer to "to be unwilling".

On the bright side, you didn't tell her tramp stamps were trashy and she had one of those. Everyone is unoriginal these days anyway. We can't do much that someone hasn't already done.

There are always original tattoo options. It's art.


Don't be judgemental. Everyone has their own tastes and you don't know the reasons behind them. Big ydi