By JPTK - United Kingdom - Newark
Today, my best friend and I broke up with our respective girlfriends, so we could go on holiday and meet lots of new women. Instead, within a few hours, he got back with his ex, and they're planning their own holiday together. FML
JPTK tells us more :
OP CLARIFICATION TIME!!!!! A *month* ago, me and my ex broke up as I was moving away, 3 days later she got drunk and had rebound sex with some guy. Talking to my best mate, he said we should go on a lads holiday around Europe to get over our exs etc. (He broke up with his around the same time). Y'know - meet some girls, work on our tan, drinks on the beach, you know the drill! Yesterday, when we were supposed to book, he told me he had to pull out as he'd gotten back with his ex and wanted to go on holiday with her. That is why FML.
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If you broke up with your girlfriend to hook up with random girls on vacation, then you really shouldn't care that your friend got back together, because you clearly didn't care for your now ex-girlfriend.

  william8691  |  10

It's not fun being a man whore now is it now? you're all alone if i was you bro I'd do everything i could to get my woman back and I'd treat her like a queen for being an asshole, but thats just me..

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

If you didn't have a better reason to break up with her, other than you wanted to hook up with some ladies while on vacation, what the hell were you doing in a relationship in the first place? Guaranteed sex is nice but you definitely come across that getting random pussy is more important than being with a lady who was probably too good for you.

  FishHead  |  6

Im i the only ones who sees this as both their relationships were bad so they decided to break-up at the same time to help themselves get over it. No one wants to be single alone. If they but wanted some hoes the YDI, if my idea is right then FML

  cathyfang1533  |  12

I feel like it's for the best, if OP was dumb enough to break up with his girlfriend just to sleep around, then he obviously didn't deserve to have a girlfriend in the first place...

  cradle6  |  13

I sorta disagree. That's fine if he no longer wished to be in a relationship with her and called it off, and wants to meet new people. But if this decision is based on a friend doing the same thing, and his friend's failure to do so makes him regret his breakup, then there's a problem.

By  DreBeezy  |  9

So wait, let me get this straight! You broke up with your girlfriend so you could go on a holiday trip with your friend who is also a male? Sounds kinda gay to me op.....

  psychaddict  |  0

Don't you find it at all rude to use "gay" as a derogatory term? If I was gay, I'd probably be offended. Even though I'm not, that still doesn't come across in a nice way. Plus, how would you know if OP is gay? In fact, he DID have a girlfriend. Just saying.(: