By Anonymous - 01/11/2012 17:09 - Philippines - Makati

Today, after a week of looking for my car keys and being forced to drag my family around on public transportation, my wife found the keys in our car's ignition. FML
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Kaurageous007 12

Didn't you consider checking in your car to begin with? Sorry for the week long nuisance OP, but YDI.


Wow that must really suck. Hopefully your luck turns around :)

hunterluv1 20 about you read it again honey:)

That's not luck that's common sense. Your supposed to look "everywhere" that includes your car.

I think that would be among the first places I'd look o.o

I don't believe this FML story is true anyway. Nobody is this stupid. This is either fake or there's more to this story...

ozone9914 2

I feel like 1 didn't even read the FML, just saw his chance at first comment and made a general comment hoping it would work lol

My theory is that 1 is just a really REALLY nice person. But that's just me.

MagicGiraffe 12

Well, 73, if you're into older men... Different strokes for different folks I guess.

73 r u kidding me?? Dale is much better looking that Hershel!!

Not to mention his overwhelming badassery. *sigh*

Daryl is everything that's good in that show

I concur. It would be lame without him. Daryl is so popular, they're putting him in the comic books now.

starman02 12

Daryl is extremely popular, and I love his character.. But I love him more on the boondocks saints! Nom nom nom

"Nom nom nom?" Oh no! A walker! *skull ***** 98 with a rusty screwdriver*

Why would you even leave keys in an ignition? When I turn my car off I pull the key out and put it in my pocket. That's a good habit to get into.

Kaurageous007 12

Didn't you consider checking in your car to begin with? Sorry for the week long nuisance OP, but YDI.

Canucksftw24 6

I know that would be the last place I look

flutter4 7

My keyless entry fell off my keychain in my car and my car was the last place I checked after panicking for a few hours about having to buy a new one

At least he saved on a weeks worth of gas.

iOceanus 18

If you're gonna be a douche and correct you're, you should probably correct the missing apostrophe in car's as well

It isn't being a douche. It's calling someone out for not being able to differentiate "your" from "you are."

From someone who neglected to differentiate between cars and car is while correcting them. I just dislike seeing the obvious corrections being pointed out yet at the same time ignoring others.

CharresBarkrey 15

107, I agree. But I think the your/you're is more important in this situation because the poster used both in the same sentence for obviously different meanings and STILL didn't see their error.

Grammar police - now working part time shifts...

I agree, your/you're IS important. But if you're going to grammar police someone, at least do it right and get all the errors and not just the most common one.

If you correct ALL mistakes someone makes you end up looking like even more of a douchebag and all that person sees is a list if errors that they're not going to read. They will switch off and may just resign to being bad at English and unhelpable. You also have to decide where to draw the line with slang, text talk and possible typos. Correct just one important word and they're more likely to read said correction (whether they meant to or not - the brain has a way of automatically reading short sentences). If they see that correction multiple times then they may actually realise there's a problem and change.

If anyone has been a commenter for a decent period of time, they know the difference between your and you're, or they are helpless. To pick only one error, the 's when contracting and is would be the more important one, since it is corrected less.

iOceanus 18

101 - I saw it after I had already commented. I was just in utter disbelief that people STILL do this, so I didn't bother to read that rest of the comment until I was done. My condolences, my fellow grammar nazi.

olpally 32

Brilliant... Jeez... :/ faith in humanity -300. Glad your car is still there... You're one lucky idiot... Lol.

olpally 32

My Comment was posted at the same time as the girl above me... Ignorant people thumbing me down... Lol.

How high was your faith in humanity to begin with? Over 9000?

olpally 32

Yes, yes it was... Lol. /sarcasm

But seriously, by how often you lose faith it has to be below 0. Maybe you should take a break.

Your comment was thumbed, simply because of all the extra nonsense

Every time someone talks about losing faith in humanity, I am pushed a little closer to the brink of insanity. Seriously, people are way too dramatic. If something like this shocks you that much, you need to get out more. By the way olpally, I am not trying to single you out, as you are certainly not alone in this.

olpally 32

Just thumb it down, go insane then for all I care... Just for making a comment like this one like so many other people do? Really? That's being dramatic... Lol. Oh I understand.

olpally 32

Yay! Bury me into oblivion because that's the trend when someone makes a bad comment like i did and then all the subsequent ones i make after that one will perish too! brilliant... Don't even read the comment and thumb it down cuz my original comment got buried..LOL that's just fantastic... :D

olpally 32

*vomits* where did all my idiotic comments go? Lol...

olpally 32

I can't even defend myself, the mods took my comments down... How sad :(

And what's with the usually high numbers? Remove a few zeros people..

Either this is a troll FML or deeply disconcerting idiocy.

Any Derp that lasts one entire week is a big Derp!

tandem123 6

Consult a doctor if your derp lasts more than four hours

Why was she in the car if u couldn't use it?

soullessgingers 0

Maybe because she was checking for the keys again...

No, of course she wasn't looking for the keys. She was trying to use her telekinetic powers to make the car start.

She saw that car commercial with the Darth Vader kid and tried it out

^fail. The kid was standing in front of the car and started it -Sir Buzzkill

She googled how to hotwire a POS, and thought she would give it a go!

Isn't the car one of the first places where you look when you can't find your keys..?

you're a dumbass. simple as. that's a place you always check.

trellz17 19

Why does he have to be called that? Jeez!