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Today, I was hanging out with the guy I really like. I lifted my arms to put my hair in a ponytail when he noticed a hole that had apparently tore in the armpit of my shirt, so he put his finger through it. I haven't shaved in weeks. FML
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Actually, I think it was stupid of him to do that.


oj101 33

The real question, is why would anyone poke through a hole to touch someone's armpit?! That's even grosser than OP not shaving.

47- My boyfriend did that to me once, I hadn't shaved either... He didn't say anything, but it was still embarrassing.

This guy wasn't even OP's boyfriend though...

1, I agree. Seriously OP, a little personal grooming is ALWAYS a good idea.

Boys do stupid things - once I was sweating like mad and my boyfriend tried to tickle my armpits ... Most awkward moment of my life, especially since boys don't really have a filter.

Maybe start shaving as part of your daily routine. Unexpected pit-hair would mortify me!

chlorinegreen 27

I can't shave everyday. I shave about once a week and though I don't like it and feel kinda gross my skin, especially arm pits, are super sensitive. If I shaved everyday they would be painfully raw and itchy, especially during the dry cold winter. I do shave if I know that pits will be viewable though! Sucks to be you OP if you have the same situation as I do, I would be embarrassed too!

I have the same problem. I shave at most once a week but my hair grows quickly so a stubble is still visible after that time. When I don't see my boyfriend for a few months and it's winter I don't shave at all unless I'll be really dressed up with short sleeves for something.

oj101 33

Laser surgery is better. One off session, and hair never grows back because it kills off your hair follicles in targeted areas. Plus, your skin can be silky smooth with no skin irritation from razor shaving or creams.

I'm sure everyone can afford that.

PrussiaisAwesome 15

Will you buy it for me? You seen to have the money and care about my armpits.

Apart from the ridiculous cost of laser surgery, it requires more than one appointment. It's not a magical laser that zaps away the hair. It takes about 3-6 appointments (depending on how thick/dense the hair is) and even then, it's not guaranteed to get rid of all the hair.

BellaBelle_fml 23

20 & 26; I tend to have the same problem when it comes to shaving my arm pits everyday. I found a relatively cheap remedy for razor burn and those nasty little red bumps that itch and burn like hell. It's a gel that I buy from Sally's beauty supply, you can probably find it elsewhere as well. And it really has helped. I can now shave my underarms everyday if I apply the product after each shave. I don't know if it would work for you, or if you have already tried it unsuccessfully. But hey, it's worth a shot anyways. What's the worst that can happen? Any little bit helps.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Little uncommon for guys to do but at the same time, like everyone else will say, shave.

dontpanic_fml 32


yeah I mean what the ****. what was he thinking?

He means that although it is unlikely such a tragedy will happen again, she should still shave her pits.

Why is this comment buried? Isn't it uncommon for someone to stick a finger in a hole on someones shirt? People here keep confusing me.

Actually, I think it was stupid of him to do that.

Because you're supposed to behave in extremely intelligent and proper way around your friends.

I agree. Who the hell touches another person's armpits?

9: I'm pretty sure you're supposed to behave normally around friends. Not stick your finger in their armpit, which in my opinion is stupid and not normal.

RedPillSucks 31

Pro: He felt comfortable enough around her to do that. Con: It was a real invasion of personal space.

DKjazz 20

Well, he touched your armpit hair. That's it. I guess your relationship is over. Sorry OP.

This guy right here. ^

Omg I laughed out loud when I moderated this and I'm laughing out loud again! This is gold!

Mister_Triangle 21

But when I mailed this to Cash4Gold all I got was a restraining order :(

Shit, they hand out restraining orders like candy these days

Why isn't it called roundtine... thats gold Jerry that's gold!

Maybe it's just me, I don't know if it's scientifically proved, but I always have the impression that I sweat more if I don't shave my armpits daily, so.... yuck.

OH MY GOD, SWEAT! Get over yourself. I think shaving armpits daily is just sad. Even if I want to stay clean, once a week is even fast. Also, you don't sweat faster, the sweat you have just stays there longer.

#12 - The effect is the same - more sweat is more sweat, it doesn't make any difference if it's being produced faster or evaporating (or whatever it does) more slowly. Also, shaving armpits takes some 5-10 seconds, it's not a huge surface like legs and it doesn't require as much attention as more delicate ladyparts. It's easy to fit in the morning routine - brush your teeth, put on make-up, shave armpits. Probably the least problematic of all the things I do in the morning. #37 - both forms are correct. At least that's what I've been told by the teachers, and I've had quite a few of them in my life. How about you learn some foreign language to the point of being able to speak it fluently? We would be able to discuss our impressions, some of them possibly relating to geographical factors influencing the grammar.

You do not know what you are talking about. It's best you keep a lid on it and walk off without further embarrassing yourself.

bimbim_fml 6

#48 Same amount of sweat, but... if you don't shave your armpits, the sweat goes down the hair and dries on the hair. If you shave the sweat stays on your body and dries on your skin.

shan88 14

48. Really? All that about shaven armpits and I'm sorry my morning routine doesn't involve showering, my night routine does, and I'm sure as a female you would know that dry shaving hurts, so how do you just add that to your routine? Plus whoa you can speak another language, others can't, that doesn't make you, or myself or anyone else that can better then those that can't. Please kindly stop looking down at others now? Thanks

God, I didn't know that comment about shaving armpits can piss off that many people. Honestly? 59 - well, I never stated that armpits are my area of expertise. It all started with a half-jokingly written comment about my own impressions. I don't feel well with my armpits unshaved. Apparently, some people took it as a kind of accusation or statement that everybody should shave their pits everyday or otherwise they're gross. Well, do whatever you want. As for the 'yuck' part, OP stated that she hasn't shaved her armpits for a long time - so yes, that's a bit too much in my opinion. Anyway, when you express your disapproval the way you did, it's good to enlighten the person you disapprove of. 61 actually explained what was probably your point as well, thanks for that, but it doesn't change my attitude towards armpits. 72 - I can't understand why you took it so personally, I have a few guesses actually, but that would've started a war probably, so I'll stay silent. My morning routine doesn't include showering either - it's possible to shave without it, actually. Maybe I just have a thick skin. As for the language part - my point was, seeing how 37 corrected something that wasn't a mistake, that only a person that didn't learn any foreign language can think that her 'version' of said language is the only correct one. I come from a part of Poland that is considered to be speaking Polish most purely, simply because people who got moved there after II World War had to learn language almost literally from the books - but it doesn't make me travel around the country telling people that the word they use for 'potatoes' is incorrect. As for English, I wouldn't have used 'would of' instead of 'would have' or 'their' instead of 'they're', but there are some aspects of languages that are simply varying from place to place - and a person who speaks a foreign language probably knows it. (Although, honestly, I think that one foreign language is a minimum for an educated person nowadays. It doesn't make me look down on the people who don't speak any though). Now, go ahead, thumb me down, that was my last comment in this thread, regardless of how many misconceptions it may cause, I promise. As I heard recently, fighting in the Internet is like running in paraolympics - even if you win, you're still retarded. Have a good day!

LiterOfCola 16


Calm down; this is just the internet.

hellobobismyname 24

Well this is exactly what I come to FML for. The heated armpit debates. And sorry if this is off topic or I'm being too politically correct but I don't think physically/mentally disabled people would appreciate the term "retarded" to be thrown around. Just saying because my friend called my mom that once and it ended our friendship. It's hurtful.

who's that bitch anyway ?

MarisaCB 16

I agree with whoever it was that said shaving is part of routine. I shave every night in the shower, and I have an electric I use in case I forget and I'm wearing a tank top or whatever. Why is it such a big deal? its just shaving. isn't it kind of a personal decision? Some people don't shave at all.

#80 Bro. Chill the hell out. Nobody wants to read all that shit.

That sucks!! He shouldn't have put his finger there in the first place

unlifeoftheparty 10

eew beyond nasty! YDI for being lazy. Makes me question how often you shower...

Wow that comment is definitely the dumbest I've read in a while! Just because she hasn't shaved doesn't mean she doesn't shower! I know that when I shave more than once a week my skin in my armpits gets really swollen and hurts like hell so when I don't see my boyfriend for a few months and it's winter, I don't shave at all. And I still shower every day!

chlorinegreen 27

So because I don't shave everyday that means I don't shower routinely? Hair makes me unhygienic?

Body hair doesn't equal poor hygiene. I shave as a matter of personal preference, it doesn't make me any cleaner than anybody else.

How can you not shave your armpits? That's really odd to me. I shave my armpits every time I shower. It takes like 4 seconds and then I'm done.

Are women supposed to shave their arms? I've always been on the fence about it. I shave my pits but not all of my arms, that's just a little ridiculous.

miyaviichan 27

31, I do because I got tired of having Yeti arms. Light skin+ dark mexican hair (thick as hell) does not look pretty. There's a beauty mark on my arm I didn't even know I had before I started shaving. It was so bad. At least I don't have a mustache.

AndOtherDrugs 5

I wish there wasn't such a taboo about women having to shave to the degree of a naked mole rat in order to not be called disgusting. I shave because I prefer to, but I really admire women who say "**** society" and just don't shave.

chlorinegreen 27

27, you are lucky you don't get raw from shaving everyday! I can during the summer when it's not so dry, thank goodness because I love my tanks and shorts! Many women don't shave everyday because it begins to become uncomfortable, dry, and itchy. Taking a razor to your armpits everyday can be bothersome to such sensitive skin.

RedPillSucks 31

The whole shaving thing seems to have taken off is the last couple of decades. I don't think people shaved nearly as much in the 80s and 90s, and they weren't called gross. People shaved/trimmed more when bathing suits started getting more revealing.

I shower every day and only shave my pits when I'm going to see a fella or I'm wearing something sleeveless. Otherwise, why is it necessary?

U_GotitDude 18

You totally deserved that one... Always shave before dates! But he was dumb for doing that too

JOcoco 14

They were hanging out.