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By good mom - 05/11/2019 19:00 - United States - Monterey Park

Today, despite the fact that I own my home, car and have a career, I was once again told that I’ve shamed my family by being a single mom. Meanwhile, my brother has four kids with three different women and constantly hits up every family member for money. He gets nothing but just support. FML
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tounces7 27

Sounds like he's simply the favorite. Clearly your family sucks ass.

Double standard for women:( Keep your head high and know that you are doing great. One day karma will get him what he deserves


tounces7 27

Sounds like he's simply the favorite. Clearly your family sucks ass.

Double standard for women:( Keep your head high and know that you are doing great. One day karma will get him what he deserves

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

Timinator is becoming a little overly sexist

no... he's not being sexist at all. He's pointing out a double standard for a woman versus a man. He's stating that she's a woman, so is expected to meet the arbitrary definition of "being married," but he is not.

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

That's all anyone wants is their parents love but you're a grown up so that shouldn't matter, your kids should

Mathalamus 24

Then... don't talk to your family? You aren't obligated to keep them around.

I don’t want to sound racist but are you Asian. I know a few Asian people that are shunned but there family because of this. Anyway forget your family you just continue to be the best mom and employee you can be.

Sheila, as a straight white individual you absolutely CAN have pride... but you have to be able to explain why it is a source of pride. Gay pride, racial identity pride, gender identity pride... all of these are reactions of disenfranchised groups that clap back at a privileged majority that tries to shame & hide them, or worse tries to deny them rights, freedoms, and in some cases, life. They loudly and proudly exist as who they are, regardless of the close-minded opinions of the majority that tells them they don't belong. Perhaps focus on your pride... as a resident of your city? Pride in your place within a community or social organization? Pride in Irish, Italian, or other heritage & the culture that comes with that heritage? As for being accepted as yourself, again, outside of a pride festival, or social organization dedicated to a particular marginalized demographic, where someone is trying to deflect attention from the marginalized group that is celebrating and onto themselves, I've never seen a white straight person not be accepted for who they are as a white straight person. Other factors of who you are might have had an impact (such as facial tattoos, clothing choice, hygiene, political opinions, and so forth).

It isn't racist, it's called a stereotype. And they exist, and they also exist for a reason. It can also happen outside Asian (Asia and East Asia) families too obviously. It's racism when you make them to be unequal to everyone else or degraded at people; and you haven't done it at all.

**** em, it’s what you think that matters to you, not what idiots think.

LostSoul 19

Sounds like my family. I was the good student. My brother was an alcoholic. I was the one they treated like crap. Move on from them.

Sounds like you are the scapegoat of the family. Set some boundaries and you will start to see the truth.

you know what I feel that. my brother has 3 kids from 2 moms, one that has a restraining order against him but she still comes over constantly with the child she lied about giving up for adoption and takes everything and more while I'm trying to give my kid everything and more and move out but nothing I do (cooking, cleaning, working full time) is enough

Your family sucks total ass. Your rebuttal if it ever comes up infront of your brother and family all together: "What, do I have to have 4 kids with 4 different men, beg you all for money and never pay you back to get any kind of positive support from you?" Honestly, it seems they have a favorite. And it's the worst feeling. My mother and her sister were the unlucky ones, the only son (their brother) of my grandparents was the favorite and could do no wrong.