By daycare worker - 23/12/2016 18:41 - United States - Houston

Today, I told my 4-year-old daughter that when she grew up she could work at a daycare, like me, to help all of the little kids like her. She started crying because she thought it was a bad job to have. FML
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The pay is terrible, you get no respect and honestly you don't make much of a difference because they're just too tiny to influence. I don't remember a single person from daycare. Sorry, but your daughter has a good head on her shoulders.

kyu_Q 19

you may have given her the idea that's it's a bad job OP. Children pick up more than we give them credit for.


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probably still dreaming of being a doctor or a firefighter :) encourage them to chase what they want! even though you love your job, your child may not. they need to dream! no need to take offense, OP

kyu_Q 19

you may have given her the idea that's it's a bad job OP. Children pick up more than we give them credit for.

Did you honestly expect a four-year-old to like the idea of taking care of other people?

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I do that myself. I'm just wondering how the thought of taking care of other humans was supposed to sound appealing to a small child.

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That's why parents never buy their children baby dolls to take care of! ....wait.

Kids are funny that way, you could say the same thing in a couple days and she would be so happy! Don't take offence! Daycare provider is a great job!

I can't blame her. Why spend money on a job that handcuffing your kid to the radiator can do for free? I can't be the only person with parents who opted for this solution, right? RIGHT?!

Obviously, this comment is a joke. The basement was far too wet for a radiator.

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I know your comment is a joke but I have a couple friends who's parents used to do this. I do have to ask, what even gave you the idea for this comment haha?

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probably horror/suspense/drama movies/tv/books where child abuse is one of the horrific themes.. (or worse, real life news stories). Which brings me to this question, as someone who supposedly had several friends whom were handcuffed to a radiator and/or locked in the basement, do you live in horror movie land? or maybe some disturbed cult commune?

When my daughter was about that age, she wanted to be a maid. Now she's 26 and illiterate, but her prodigious mop skills have her pulling down a 4-figure salary. Maybe letting a 4-year-old map out their education was a mistake.

Looks like shes already smarter than her mom

I guess it depends on the person. If you dislike kids, you won't like it. If you're impatient, or really like order and control, you won't like it. I worked in daycare while I was in college and loved it (I now teach high school). I made pretty decent money, got medical and dental, the center I worked for paid for several additional classes and certifications for me, and if I'd had a child, I would've gotten free day care (an excellent benefit). Plus, I got free lunch with the kids, recess time, and a two hour nap break (paid—which I generally used for studying and homework). Not every day care center treats employees as well, but I do have a few friends who work at day cares and absolutely love their jobs and make decent money. I have one friend who's a certified elementary school teacher, but chooses to work at a day care because she prefers it to full time, in class teaching. It's definitely not a job for everyone, but it's not necessarily a terrible job.

At that age they don't even take care of themselves, of course it sounds horrible to her to be in charge of caring for a bunch of other kids :D Don't worry OP, I thought my mother had the most awful job as a kid, and now I'm in the same field. You never know, don't take it too personally.