By b. - Australia
Today, I was going shopping with a friend. I got up to get off the train and landed on my ass. Not only had I walked into the metal bar, I'd broken my $800 glasses, and the train doors had closed, with my friend on the other side of the doors. FML
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  MsTs1  |  0

what kind of poser / retard / dumbass/ douchebag buys $800 glasses, YDI , i hope you had died tho, that wouldve been better for the whole world you fucking poser

  theshad  |  0

#53 - I am the owner of some very expensive glasses two of them actually. They're a necessity if you need prescriptions, not everyone can wear $2 glasses from the petrol station

  diet_otaku  |  0

53/89 - i have an extremely strong prescription and i've never even come close to spending $800. hell, there are websites where you can get a complete pair of glasses for $8, $9 extra if you have a really strong prescription (up to -19.75/+13). there is absolutely no reason for someone to spend $800 on glasses unless they're a pretentious douchebag trying to look cool by wearing some ridiculous "designer" frames or some shit.

  egaonogenki  |  0

Aww, now they're only Australian dollars. Shouldn't be THAT much. How much are they US? Lemme calculate on Google "800 AUD to USD."

Oh, dang it. That's $692. :(

  MrALEK  |  0

I know a guy that has really bad eyes, so his prescription costs about $850 USD. and since his eyes suck, he can't drive, so public transportation is necessary. you people are stupid.

  utterlyB  |  0

are you serious? haha, my glasses are like, $850, and thats for a normal frame in aus (which costs $250 at my local optometrist), plus multi focal transition lenses, with an uneven prescription in each eye, especially because i have serious eye problems and need to have them specially crafted. for all you know, she could be the same?

  pelican2  |  0

bunch of idiots in this thread. Do you really think the strength of the prescription affects the cost? its just the curvature of the lens. Sheep

  fiicere  |  5

This pretty much sums it up.

YDI for buying really expensive crap (which apparently doesn't improve your vision anyways) and not being able to take care of it.

Reminds me of this kid I know who ran a brand new M3 (BMW) into a tree cause he couldn't drive. If you can't see anyways, even WITH the glasses, and don't even know how to not break them, you don't deserve to have them anyways.

  Draq  |  1

My glasses were $500. $100 for the frame on clearance, $400 for the best quality lenses money can buy, with scratch resistant coating, uv protection, and anti-reflective coating, and my prescription isn't even that strong. $800 isn't out of the realm of possibility. However I do wear them pretty often.

in short: ITT: people who don't have glasses.


I have glasses... bit I forget, I live inthe UK, so we have an awesome national health service, which means that my glasses, in dollars probably would be around $200?
and my lenses are pretty damn good.

  chanman  |  0

Please. you don't NEED all that, it's just for people who are obsessed with looking good or are careless (besides the UV protection). Cheap frames and decent lenses get the job done.
With insurance, my glasses were only about 20 bucks
Without, they would have been 150 max.

  Teecuppit3a  |  0

I can understand paying $800 on glasses. Especially if they're a serious investment and the person doesn't have insurance.
I'm 16 and my glasses ALWAYS come up to at least 200-300 dollars (without insurance). And that's with anti-scratch, and anti- glare. The frames aren't Marc Jacobs or anything, they're usually Nautica or something like that.
I NEED the anti-scratch and anti-glare because when I read with my desk lamp, the reflection of my eyes in my glasses gives me major headaches, and the anti-scratch is for when I play sports.