By grossfoot - 31/08/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, while getting on the subway, I tripped over the gap between the train and the platform. My flip-flop caught on the edge, and fell into the gap. I had to walk home with one flip-flop. FML
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If only there was some sort of warning telling you to mind the gap... Oh wait.

ilovenerds_ 1

Why didn't you just take the other one off?


Been there, done that. Or no, I didn't do that, I just put off my other shoe as well. It makes more sense.

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maybe you should wear real shoes... What did we learn today about life?

I said 'I put off my other shoe as well' CLEARLY stating I was wearing 'real shoes'. So what did we learn about life today? We learned not to reply to the first comment if we're not actually replying to the comment. Or, if we really really want to reply to the first comment, we will mention our comment is meant for the OP. Life's confusing enough.

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subway's tuna sandwich is ******* delicious!

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that's what they're called u douche

yeah they're called that in faggy America

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Faggy America? Lol, I can't even take offense to that, because it was so cute.

We should write a new song called "God Bless Faggy America" and replace The Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem! Brilliant!

maybe those "mind the gap" signs aren't just jokes then? ydi

thar happend to me in newyork!!! oh it's tarable =[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wa at a dinner tho hahhahahha my fav pair

ydi for wearing flip flops and not being on the beach. trashy, trashy, trashy...

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not to be a Grammar Nazi, but 65s lack of sentence structure skills piss me off... just saying

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You know what pisses me off? Armless worms.

Why didn't you just buy a new pair when you got off the subway?

Give the remaining flip-flop to a hobo who only has one shoe.

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i agree with 104. jus buy new ones. they cant be less expensive. never walk barefoot through a subway ppl piss in there

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sucks. one time my flip flop broke at school and I had to go the whole day with one flip flop

be thankful YOU didn't fall into the gap

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yes sir I am in fact a hobo how ever did you know?

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anyone else noticed skroal stopped? o and snickerdoodles died

81: I sooo agree. The same can be said of Crocs (unless one is working at a hospital or something), and of Uggs (no matter what).

I like how 1/14 put off their other shoe. I take shoes off and put them on. I guess I'm weird.

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#35: Most Americans call them flip flops, not thongs. A thong is a g-string, understand now?

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that was the funniest thing i heard all week! literally made me lol for 2 minutes

Sigh... *that *terrible *was *though *favorite Text language...ugh.

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Why didn't you just take the other one off?

Because that would just make too much sense. OP, be glad it wasn't you that fell into oblivion. You could've gotten hurt

sourgirl101 28

Why would that make more sence? I'd rather keep one foot off the dirty floor, which is why you wear shoes to begin with. (: And the OP should have been more careful but certainly does not deserve it because she was "wearing" flip flops. Many people do. Look around!

Yeah, that does suck. I only wear sandals/flip flops when I'm walking somewhere relatively close, because that happened to me once when my boyfriend took me to the beach... Hot concrete, gravel, and other nasty shit.

60 That just meana many people use inadequate footwear.

I can't stand people sayin flip flops... say jandals!

Volcan_fml 22

OP, YDI for wearing flip-flops.

I love shopping at the gap!!! Great shoe discounts there!!! All the pairs of shoes are 50% off!!!

Thanks for a much needed laugh!! sorry, op...too too funny!!!

come on you must be dumb for not taking off also the other one! and anyway YDI for wearing flip flops.

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Lol, I think it's funny that you ended that story with, "I had to walk home with one flip-flop." As if somehow that was the only life ******* thing that occurred. :P

If only there was some sort of warning telling you to mind the gap... Oh wait.

It is strange how one flip flop is more embarrassing then a pair.