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Today, my boyfriend was in the shower and his phone was buzzing with calls and texts. Concerned as his nan is in ICU, I picked it up to find he's been secretly sexting his ex-girlfriend. FML
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Better yet, YOU end it with him. They are both assholes and deserve to be together. What goes around, comes around. Won't be long till his ex is in the same situation as you OP.

Op could be a home wrecking ***** and getting what she deserves... Apparently he isn't over his ex and maybe op should leave him and let him be with her.

Yourheadache 19

Edit her contact name and put it as his mother lol but first end it of course.

bekk 8

Better yet, put his ex's name on his mothers contact info. Then let him sext his mother and see how THAT works out! LOL

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her boyfriend is jerking it in the shower with the phone OP has in her hand? I think it would make him more embarrassed to be told off in person. not text.

I meant after he gets out of the shower to read his texts. After getting through all the ones from his ex, then reading the one from his girl in the next room saying that she read them all. Imagine his dread. He'd deserve it.

okay, that makes perfect sense, sorry for the misunderstanding.

mariet_fml 23

It'd be hard to hide that she read them, though. I don't know of any phones that allow you to mark a text as unread.

stevenJB 25

Cheaters don't deserve relationships >:(

Wrong. They deserve several relationships at the same time to fall apart at the same time, all while getting kicked in the groin.

The other people involved don't deserve that though Doc, makes one hell of a mess to clean up for the next guys to date them.

Well that's true, but it IS fun to kick cheating assholes in the crotch.

priceyfml 7

I absolutely hate cheaters they make me want to punch them in the face. ;(

I agree the assholes leave a mess for the next guy...

At least he isn't sexting his nan in ICU...

It sure would cause OP to have a different reaction. Instead of "It's over you bastard, how dare you!" she would say "what the F*ck did I just read?!" and proceed to run away.

Why? She might not know that he's dating OP.

hanymandy 6

That's such a guy thing to say lol

Since you know his ex.. Set up some awesome revenge plan! Like a scavenger hunter that ends with him being dumped!

But what if the ex knows that OP n the guy r dating?

Then she is a **** and op should get revenge on her...

jem970 19

Its the boyfriend who is sexting his ex not the girl.

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I don't know about everyone else, but I get the vibe that you are a cheater and are trying to justify someone catching a cheater this way to yourself so you may get mad when you get caught

shan88 14

Your username is wrong because someone cool would not condone this. You're either single or cheating and I hope for women everywhere that you're single.

Did you miss the part where she explicitly wrote WHY she looked? I'm betting she wouldn't have looked had she not thought it might be about his nan.

Or perhaps people shouldn't do things they don't want their significant other to know about. Just a thought.

Haha why is your account hidden, maybe so people can't tell you how stupid you're by messaging you.

either your her ex, a cheater or single like everyone said. but your username should be changed to dumbass -_-

I think her reason was a pretty good one. Had it actually been something about his grandma, I'm sure you wouldn't say to not look at other people's phones.

...and quite likely to stay that way....

#8 Did you even READ the FML?! Okay *maybe* she was a little bit nosey, but she was concerned for his Grandmother and she found out her boyfriend is cheating with his ex. How would that make you feel? Like a couple of people beforehand have stated, you sound like a cheater and people who are unfaithful to their partners don't deserve to have relationships with caring people (as OP seems to be).

Actually one is an ex-president of the U.S.A. I believe his wife is currently your senator...

If you are referring to the 42nd president, his wife is Secretary of State until a new one is confirmed and she can retire.

Ok ok ok, so cheaters sometimes prosper

Beat his dick off, punch him in the genital area so many times his dick just falls off.

At first I thought #9 meant to jerk the guy off

coolboy675 16

Nah, just shoot it off. With a gun.