By Anonymous - 05/08/2014 11:55 - Egypt - Cairo

Today, my brother decided our bathroom needed a clock so he used an old DVD player. He put it on the edge of the tub. FML
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DeltaDragonxx 20

This could take a very shocking turn!

I hear shock therapy is effective.


DeltaDragonxx 20

This could take a very shocking turn!

Water you doing making puns about getting shocked in a tub

She could be in critical conditioner something

Don't you worry. Natural selection will "take care" of him.

Aaand you broke the chain

badmandilon 19

I hope nobody pushed it.

Aspen_Grace33 27

Next he will decide the bathroom needs some music and will bring in a dj booth. Don't mind the dj staring while you're bathing!!!

Can't cure stupid

I hear shock therapy is effective.

Go buy a new one!

I hope that was a joke.

No. Look at the name.

Yeah because money just grows on trees nowadays

Why would OP go out and buy a new brother? She may like the one she has now.

Wizardo 33

Don't be all Blu, there's still a Ray of hope. Remove the player and get a normal clock.

Your pun was horrid...

cmon wizardo. usually you're good at this.

ScottVining 21

Let him learn the hard way why that's a bad idea

You do realize that "learning the hard way" in this situation would result in a very severe injury, if not death? I'm pretty sure OP would rather explain the mistake than kill the brother.

ChristianH39 30

You must be almost as dumb as OPs brother to think that's a good idea

It's all good OP. No one uses DVDs anymore anyway. They're obsolete

meli1195 31

I don't think you understand why this is an FML....

Really? I use DVDs all the time. My friends use them all the time. I know a lot of people who still use DVDs. How are they obsolete?

I think #11 is op's brother.

U guys didnt get the sarcasm, right?

palosqueak why? the spelling nazis are about to get you

scottyspot 11

Was it a shocking experience?

Survival of the fittest comes in to play here..