By Serum - 05/08/2013 16:41 - United States - Wichita

Today, I walked in on my husband putting my anti-wrinkle cream on his balls. He said, "I thought it'd help." FML
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definitely a FYL wasting your wrinkle cream. That shit is expensive!

I just hope he didn't double dip...


definitely a FYL wasting your wrinkle cream. That shit is expensive!

Botox, $500. Brest implants: $5,000. The look on your child's face when they realize their mother is "The MILF"? Priceless.

If it works, why not?

Then you can eventually say. oh my god, his balls are as smooth as eggs.

If the cream worked and gave you a smooth sack id say the expense would be well worth it.

#1 shits really not that expensive lol

I think YDI, it's kinda hypocritical to spend money on anti ageing crap for you, but he can't? So what if he used yours, its not like they make anti ageing ball cream. You should be thankful he's thinking of you having to look at his old balls. . .

Maybe don't be so rough with his junk. Haha

Nice ass. You been putting OP's wrinkle cream on it?

I'd prefer to rub my ass up against smooth surfaces. :3

I bet OP made fun of his wrinkly ball sack.

I guess you'll have to wait 20 odd years to find out.

I wish there was an "LOL" button between the FYL and YDI buttons. I don't think her life is f*cked, And I don't think she deserved it, I just think its freaking hilarious!

I just hope he didn't double dip...

even a single dip in the wrinkle cream is disturbing

Yes but with ball fingers after the first application and going for round two on OPs wrinkle came is just vile, that stuff gets to go on her face

they're just balls...

Well 10+ for trying

At least he tried ...? Sucks that he used your (probably expensive) cream for it, though.

The things men come up with..

Just make him buy you more

Can we get confirmation of its effectiveness in a month or two? Thanks in advance...

That's the comment I was looking for. And would like to know. Heck with it I'm gonna try it myself. Lol

It couldn't hurt. Smooth balls would be pretty, I guess,

I like my wrinkles. Adds character

it would be like a set of Kens balls..wouldn't it?

I don't understand aren't balls supposed to be kinda wrinkly?