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  justmeagirl  |  0

YDI for marrying a jackass like that and not forcing him to get treatment for his addiction if he has one, or making him just grow the f up and stop being selfish, or just leaving him.
Men are only as evil and selfish and childish as women keep letting them be.

  haxxor  |  0

#54 Why are you acting like women are the supreme leaders of men?

it doesnt matter what sex you are, you dont have to be controled by anyone

  airforce987  |  20

I don't understand how people get addicted to it. I played it and thought it was the shittiest game ever made. I burned the disc later that day (it was a free gift). YDI for marrying a moron who get addicted to a half-ass video game. now, if it were modern warfare 2, I would understand why, but not agree

  Warlord708  |  0

@ 191.... you know the game gets better level 20 plus....

At OP, you know that sucks, but those raids can really vary in time depending on group, I'm sure it wasn't on purpose...

For Garrosh Hellscream! For the Horde!

  michael32123  |  0

if you think wow sucks you probably were on a guest account and got to level 2. people do have issues getting stuck in raids in which they can't leave because they would be hated for life by their guild or group. I know it's a video game but alot of ppl treat it too much like one and don't take it seriously. world of Warcraft has over 12-13 million people who play worldwide. your gonna come across a few who think WoW > life

  NotFML_FYL  |  0

'Today, I got kicked out of my guild because I missed a raid to go to my son's award ceremony, fml.'
Now which is worse? I think the man made the right choice.

  tysta  |  0

you got it mixed up..... men have and will always be the dominent gender. I supose we could say that women are only as selfish and compliment-hungry and men will let them be.


Your son's father takes shit way too far, obviously. People may generalize about world of Warcraft as much as they want, but it is a fun game, if it weren't so time consuming I'd probably still be playing. the game does not get fun until you reach the expansions.

  skate2343  |  0

he obviously has a life if he has a wife and a child. so what if he enjoys playing WoW he might be a little neglecful but to the looks of it he has a life.

  skate2343  |  0

your an idiot because you dont give the time and effort in to it to have the full experience its being called a NOOB and call of duty modern warfare is easy and your good right when you start you are the typical noob in video games.

  CallMeHush  |  0

IF you don't support your child's milestones and endevors he may end up here someday writing "first" at the top of every fml. Give him some recognition before he turns into a sad little man

  responses  |  0

how could anyone think wow Is better than mw2. they're both mlg games and both are on gamebattles but the diffrence Is mw2 has over 50000 teams (literally) and wow has way less. if you don't like playing with people who just care package glitch don't play pubz

  jrdnthms  |  4

epic fail! naxx is and always has been on of the longest raids. also have you never end gamed before? instances take months to beat the first time and take even the most geared players 4hours or so... get a damn life!

  ccc01  |  1

FU 5 yr old alliance players. 4 The Horde. And nowdays you can do the raids at other times or even get it extended. If the guild won't allow it they fail to realize Life>WoW

  Mirequetz  |  6

I play WoW, so does my boyfriend (we live together) and we have never missed anything in real life for a raid. We are in a raiding guild and would gladly leave if they pressured us to stay for a raid rather than do something outside of the game.

I'm going to say YDI for not telling your significant other to grow balls and tell your son himself. As well as you for not just pulling the plug.


  trickyd  |  0

OP this happened to my youngest brother (14) except he missed his OWN awars ceremony. I logged onto his computer went the website and there is a parental control section where you can limit gameplay time and i think with a seperate password. I gave him two hours a day 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. good luck and peace out x

  falconmooch  |  0

dumbass casualfag who plays cod
mw2: mw only more brown and more bloom. no dedicated server, no custom content, no fun, consolefag gameplay, autoaim, disabled console, most hyped up piece of rehash shit ever invented. now if you said tf2, I wouldn't have insulted you. if you made no reference to any brown-and-bloom spray-and-pray I wouldn't have insulted you. fuck mw2 and fuck wow.

  toxic10uhc  |  0

COD is super gay... At least in WoW you aren't stuck with 3 weapons In tiny boxes with crappy animations.... and btw WoW is NOOOT half assed. not by a longshot.

  FMLowLife  |  0

WoW... even as my name implies, I have have almost no life. But even that is tooooo low... I mean that is not right at ALL... take the time to press Command-Q or Alt-F4 once in a while...

There should really be a place like AA for WoW addicts... hehe.. WoWA............

  xenophanez  |  0

obviously all these people saying ydi don't find the same pleasure in wow that most of us do... also, with people farming togc/icc its hard to take more than an hour on naxx -_- fail pug if it takes that long imo. also since wotlk came out raids have gotten rediculously easy, it shouldn't take so long that he misses his child's ceremony unless he started the raid soon before the ceremony started, in which case i can completely understand. fyl either way.

  threer  |  30

#54, people are in charge of themselves. Men, women, and children are only as evil as they let themselves be.

  oogyboogy  |  6

you should cancel his account and get his reaction on video, then buy him a shity car, and finally you could hide his Christmas presents so you can watch him burn the Christmas tree

  Thebluez  |  0

you should divorce him or talk some sense in to him. If a father is too busy playing WoW that he can't go to his own son's award ceremony is pretty sad. FYL

  Flutist  |  3

Oh wow, Op, how could you demand your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy get off his ass to come see his son's award. I mean those raids are HARD. I mean, a whole bunch of people you don't know playing in their boxers and jacking off to the Elf Hunter in the skimpy skirt. Nope, you couldn't possibly have any reason to be pissed!

Kick his ass. I hate when people think kids just get over it. They don't. He is going to remember his dad not being there and it is going to hurt worse than a guild getting pissed. Cause its not like they can't replace the guy with the next generic lever 50. And your poor kid, hell, its not like he's offering your man fake, internet gold. Priorities.

Does he offer to pay child support in gold and the parts of animals he has harvested?

  him51772  |  0

lmao tahts kinda sad. i play alot but thats because i honestly have nothing better to do, my parents refuse to let me hang out with friends on weeknights so im stuck at home with nothing to do except msn FB and WoW when that gets old

  Flutist  |  3

My child arrived just the other day
He came to the world in the usual way
But there was Alliance to catch and games to play
He learned to pwn while I was raiding,
And he was playing' 'fore I knew it, and as he leveled
He'd say "I'm gonna be like you dad
You know I'm gonna be in the Hoard like you...

And the group's in the huddle and I'm mining silver too
LittleBoyBlue22 and DickInTheMoon
When you going to raid dad?
I don't know when, but we'll get those Alliance together son
You know we'll have a good time then