By Humbug - 27/12/2009 00:34 - United States

Today, I checked my email after a week of no cell reception or internet while I was stuck at a family holiday cottage. There was an email offering me the RA job I've been trying to get for almost a year, telling me congratulations and to reply by Friday if I accepted. Last Friday. FML
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call them and explain the situation to them and tell them you've been out of town, it might work...

@#4 do you read??? it says no internet or cell phone reception.


bullshit, they would not need her to reply on christmas, nobody would be there to look at it anyway

it wasn't on Christmas, it was the holdiay season.

call them and explain the situation to them and tell them you've been out of town, it might work...

yes, call them and explain what had happened.

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That was my first reaction, too. When she says last Friday, it doesn't make me think of this past week, it makes me think of the week before that. I'm starting to think she meant this past Friday though (though it seems weird to reply by Christmas). So I'm just rather confused in general. If she means the 18th, it's YDI for sure, but the 25th, FYL.

Well lets say the OP left for town on Tuesday, and the email saying to respond by Friday was sent Wednesday....a week goes by, and the OP gets back on the following Monday or Tuesday to find that they were supposed to respond to the email by LAST Friday... Wouldn't you agree that that would validate this post as a true fml? You don't know what day the OP left or what day the email was sent, so you can't really call fake on this one.

@#4 do you read??? it says no internet or cell phone reception.

Its a Christmas miracle!!!

YDI for being in a dead zone on holiday.

Call them and tell them what happened. It may be too late to get the job at the beginning of the semester, but they could still hire you midway through if someone quits or is fired. Of course, as someone who was an RA once, I can tell you that being an RA is a pretty terrible job anyway. The pay is too low for what you have to deal with. My residents who worked in fast food part time made more money than me.

As someone who was also an RA, msbetsy's assessment is pretty dead-on. However, it saved me from having to pay for a year of housing, so I kind of had to take it.

RA could also mean research assistant.

A whole town with a dead zone?! Pedobear approves.

Fake. Last Friday was Christmas. Colleges are on winter break and staffs are off for the week. You know, because other people celebrate Christmas, too? There wouldn't be anyone on campus to receive your call or email for this purpose, let alone to have sent it to begin with.

She probably isn't talking about 2 days ago, but the Friday before that one (the 18th). There were still colleges open on the 18th. I knew people who's colleges were open on the 23rd. Cant you people be a little more open minded?

I apologize for not trusting a questionable submission on an anonymous website. I'll try to not be so skeptical and just believe everything I read on the internet from now on.