By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, I gave my cat a little kiss on the head. Just as I was about to tell him I love him, he sneezed directly into my face. It's been two hours and I still can't get the taste of cat snot out of my mouth. I probably need to get a life. FML
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  wondercat40  |  28

actually, it's more innocent than I made it sound. My cat a while ago was fascinated with toilets, and was watching my dad pee. Unfortunately, he ended up trying look closer into the toilet bowl and unknowingly his head collided with my dad's stream, which got pee all over him

  TheRealStunts  |  27

That happened to me once with my budgie. He liked to bathe and always got in the sink whenever he heard the water running. Needless to say he flew into the stream of piss and i had to turn the sink on to let him have a real bath >__>