By nosleeptilpissoff - 18/03/2011 15:54 - United States

Today, I have a cat with separation anxiety. By this, I mean whenever I go in another room and shut the door with her outside, she uses her head as a battering ram to try and break down the door. It's fun trying to sleep too. FML
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Hmm. Lock her in a separate room, with a cushion or pillow attached to it. She'll headbutt the pillow. :P

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You're mean... just let her in.!


Hmm. Lock her in a separate room, with a cushion or pillow attached to it. She'll headbutt the pillow. :P

let the cat sleep with you in your room?

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YDI for getting a cat Dogs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>cats

Couldn't OP just put the cat two rooms away so he couldn't hear it? And btw, dogs are so much better than cats, unless we're talking about kittens.

lmfaooo my cat scratches the door until someone opens it. Fkn annoying but i love her :P

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Well at least you'll have some pussy in your bed :)

My cat sleeps in the bed with me, I don't see why OP won't let it in the room with them.

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no... because then it would hurt itself.

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Or, you could always leave your cat with a bunch of your used clothes. It'll help her get over always following you since she has something to remind her of you.

I honestly don't see how the cat isn't dead yet from brain damage

go to the nearest window, open it, put your cat on the floor, kick her with the force of dark vader. problem solved.

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am I the only one who thought of I am legend after reading this

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pillow thing... good idea! the clothes too lol

It's better than having a cat that hates you I guess. Feel loved. haha

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yeah if I tried to get close or pick up my car she would dig her claws in my head and try and bite my nose... O_o she's dead now

You must be strong to pick up a car. Haha, I never knew cars could do all that.

Also, how can it do that when picked up if it's dead? O.o

TayonaC 10

ops lol I mean cat and she did this before she died..... i hope you were really joking

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44, are you saying you had something to do with your cat's death? D:

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nope she choked on string because she climes the refrigerator. after surgery and $1,000 she died now I have my new NICE kitty TINKERBELL <3 I love her

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You're mean... just let her in.!

Maybe she won't be able to sleep with her cat in her room. If I let my cat in my room at night she'll hit my face with her paws and scratch my feet. Since I'm not a heavy sleeper I can't sleep through that!

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I'd rather have my cat tickling my toes then banging at the door.. but that's just me. And plus the cat can get injured ramming into the door.

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cut it's claws problem solved. ha don't you think it would be creepy hearing random banging sounds on the door at night?! I would be scared

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I know I love cats I wish I had a cat =.( Lol.!?

maybe, just let her sleep in your room. Or maybe get some knock out pills, for you and the cat(;

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yeah let the pussy sleep with you

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switch to dogs... the worse they'll do is hump you when they see you again.. a lot less painful this way..

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the list goes 1. geckos 2. dogs 3. rocks 4. cacti 5. cats

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Nah! My dog wimpers at my bedroom door as if she's been neglected for years when it's closed! That's way more frustrating.

what if you have a great dane? you get humped be that and you'll be in physical rehab for a month.

They don't slober on you, the don't bark all night, you can pick them up, they will actually cuddle FOR REAL and purr, they don't poop all over your yard because they are litter box trained etc, and if they do poop in your yard they cover it up so you dont step in it. Dont give me a hard time about training dogs to do all that, cats naturally do ALL of this. Catching on now?

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Guys. Cats and Dogs both have their pros and cons. Stop flaming over them.

yah agreed, judging by what I see being posted on this site, I don't think this counts as an FML, u just feel like telling someone about your stupid cat

the cat does it whenever a doors closed. I wouldn't let a cat in the bathroom with me or if I was having some fun in the bedroom, so it would be annoying.

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103 - "Having some fun" lol, made my day, Even though it's 12:14 AM :P

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hahaha my friend has a cat that does the same thing!

I want his cat. Everytime I want to pet my cat she runs away. D:

"Today, my owner kept leaving and going into another room. So I followed her so she would feed me. Then she closed the door and tried to go to sleep I had to bang my head on the door to get fed. I still didn't get fed. I hate being a cat. FML"

"today, my owner finished feeding me and went to sleep, I wanted her to rub my belly but she wouldn't come to see me. after furiously smashing my head against a door, I forgot what I was doing. finding the exercise joyous and fun, I continued to interupt my owners sleep. FML"