By nosleeptilpissoff - United States
Today, I have a cat with separation anxiety. By this, I mean whenever I go in another room and shut the door with her outside, she uses her head as a battering ram to try and break down the door. It's fun trying to sleep too. FML
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  TayonaC  |  10

nope she choked on string because she climes the refrigerator.
after surgery and $1,000 she died
now I have my new NICE kitty TINKERBELL <3 I love her

  Potatooz  |  5

Maybe she won't be able to sleep with her cat in her room. If I let my cat in my room at night she'll hit my face with her paws and scratch my feet. Since I'm not a heavy sleeper I can't sleep through that!

  AppleCoFreak  |  0

They don't slober on you, the don't bark all night, you can pick them up, they will actually cuddle FOR REAL and purr, they don't poop all over your yard because they are litter box trained etc, and if they do poop in your yard they cover it up so you dont step in it. Dont give me a hard time about training dogs to do all that, cats naturally do ALL of this. Catching on now?

  RatRodInk  |  0

yah agreed, judging by what I see being posted on this site, I don't think this counts as an FML, u just feel like telling someone about your stupid cat

  natirixoxo  |  0

the cat does it whenever a doors closed. I wouldn't let a cat in the bathroom with me or if I was having some fun in the bedroom, so it would be annoying.


"Today, my owner kept leaving and going into another room. So I followed her so she would feed me. Then she closed the door and tried to go to sleep I had to bang my head on the door to get fed. I still didn't get fed. I hate being a cat. FML"

  picupbart  |  0

"today, my owner finished feeding me and went to sleep, I wanted her to rub my belly but she wouldn't come to see me. after furiously smashing my head against a door, I forgot what I was doing. finding the exercise joyous and fun, I continued to interupt my owners sleep. FML"