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Today, while I was waiting at the bus stop, a car that looked like my mom's pulled up. Thinking it was actually her, I walked up and jokingly asked what she was into. The guy inside now thinks that I'm a prostitute. FML
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That's really stupid, OP. You should always check that you know who's inside the car before you start talking. YDI.


rylaii 26

No, he just pulled up to the curb to ask for directions.

No, he just pulled up. It says nothing about him wanting her.

Did you have the Nigerian ankle bracelet?

For those people that took her question serious and are attempting to use the FML wording to answer it... don't. She's not asking for your opinion. In fact, what's the common sense in trying to respond to it, if you truly don't know the answer yourself? He could've actually 'wanted her,' or he couldn't have and drove away. We don't know. End of story.

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Did you happen to be on a corner?...

That's really stupid, OP. You should always check that you know who's inside the car before you start talking. YDI.

I agree. You brought that on yourself OP.

Oh c'mon you've never talked to a friend you thought was by you only to turn around and see they left and someone else is there looking at you like you're a crazy person? Or seen someone that looks like a friend and gone up to say hi and it turns out to not be them? People on here are too harsh sometimes.

That's different though 22. So many people drive the same car and that's why there are license plates so you can identify which one belongs to whom. I always check the license place before I attempt manually unlocking my grey Honda Civic since it's a pretty common car.

Yeah, I know like if you don't like the comment then you could just put a down vote instead of putting the person down with a really harsh comment...

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I would not be able to remember a licence plate number.That's crazy.

49 can you remember your own cell number? if not then i see your point as to why you'd have difficulty with this simple task

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Oh the awful embarrassing memory you just refreshed, #22

22 are you serious? Maybe I don't quite understand what went down but if imagine if she said that to the guy in the car, she saw his face while talking otherwise he wouldn't have heard her? So honestly she does kind of deserve it, it was completely her fault. I don't see anyone being harsh here. And those examples aren't even close to the same. It does also suck though, that'd be pretty embarrassing.

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#54 I don't have a cell phone and it's not the same.

mary_13 26

I agree with #22, I've done that more than once and the people on here are way too harsh.

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I meant #52 not #54 my bad.

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Well at least you know now you could make some easy money when you need it.

It's called a joke... That is the reason people sometimes say things which are so outrageous, they are funny... Or at lease attempt to be funny.

That's a really weird joke with your mom..

It's not that weird. At 16, my ass would have been kicked if I tried to joke with my mom like that. At 19, she would have laughed. Not all mother/daughter relationships are so straight-laced, especially if the daughter is an adult herself.

I kinda did the same thing when went to a car that looked like dad's and said " they don't any chicken wings left what do you want instead? " :l

Nobody cares about your pointless, shitty, irrelevant stories. I'm tired of assholes spamming the comments with irrelevant horse shit.

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Number plates. They're usually visible.

You would be suprised how many people don't remember their plate numbers.

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I don't know mine, don't see a point in it. The number plates as you call them are on the back of the car so how would that have helped OP?

SDee1234 11

They are only on the back here.

do you remember your cell number? then a number plate shouldn't be so difficult either... if anything its less numbers to remember

You could have got a ride and a ride home out of it.

Take the money and run ;) only kidding

What if he happened to be a cop? This Joke could have turned into far more.

noonenoeone 22

Umm, no? Talking to someone isn't illegal

In many states solicitation is enough. They consider it intent.

In that case I'm sure an explanation would set things straight.

Wow... Never met a Bolt fanboy/fangirl.