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Today, my friend sent me an online money transfer. After forgetting the password and locking myself out of my account, I had to phone up the bank and have it reset. I was prompted to answer the security question, which was "What, what?" I had to say "In the butt." to get my money. FML
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kathii01 20

lol that's funny! YDI for making that song your security q & a


Veraymix 6

Embarrassing sure, but it's definitely hilarious. If it bothers you that much, you might wanna get that changed.

flockz 19

at least u had more money than u did before right? even though all your dignity is completely gone.

12 - Only if there's no trans fat in that butter.

WallyTheWombat 0

I think this is getting so many negative votes because ppl don't watch south park. It was a pretty funny and awkward situation.

I don't understand why this is so embarrassing, if the teller knew what what in the butt, nothing to be ashamed of! and if they didn't, explain it! Regardless, what what in the butt is hilarious (:

I said " What what?" In the butt...."what what?"...whoever has not watched that episode of South Park get on and watch it.

the fact that people are only refrencing south parks take on it sadden me... what about the original video?

guckylynn 19

199, that's what I was thinking. The original video is hilarious!

DarkHelmet 10

this shit MADE my ******* day!!!!

PenguinToucher 0

Doesn't that mean ANYBODY can hack her account?

They're not getting downvoted because people haven't seen that episode. They're getting downvoted because the commenters appear to believe that South Park made it up. Which they didn't.

listen listen the cats are pissin where where on the chair, what what IN THE BUTT ;)

119 - I totally agree, the original is great

it's a South Park reference you guys, nothing dirty

Link5794 18

It's not from South Park. They just parodied it.

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eminemchick 19

oooh you just touched my tralala.. my ding ding dong..xD

meggieh815 0

It was originally a YouTube video.

72- I am a bit concerned about were your location is.

Spaghetti7 5

It is a damn good video too.

Look up Samwell What What In the Butt Funniest thing wver

kathii01 20

lol that's funny! YDI for making that song your security q & a

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It means 'you deserve it' like the button you click to downvote an FML.

maz255 10

"Yappy dog ignition" You know, for yappy dogs that just won't shut up...

smileyxo4 5

I personally think "young duck icing" was the most comical. But kellyma, YDI means Youngstown ***** Institute. Hope I helped?

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you should proofread your post first. it doesn't make a lot of sense.

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This reads like shit in the beginning. Who moderated this? And banks don't verbally go over secret questions.

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CountryGirl111 7

they mean where the comment said that ***** awesome nd the password was in the BUTT

yeah I noticed, but if it was a pun it was a pretty bad one.

What what in the butt. There is shit in the butt. How do you not see that?

why that, why couldn't it be simple. for example - I like cats. not I like it up the butt.

party pooperrrr it's funny that's why he did it or maybe he just likes it in the butt? it's hilar

SpeshulK 0

South park took it from a serious video. He was on Tosh.0 like a year or 2 ago

srgsk9 9

Holy shit people, its not from Tosh.0. it's a legit music video. Look up on YouTube, What What (In The Butt) by Samwell. If I had a dollar for every time Daniel Tosh resurrected an ancient video and took credit for "finding it," I'd have my own TV show.

kathii01 20

just YouTube search what what in the butt then you'll know what it's all about

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The original guy wS Samwell lol

wettcherry 0

How in the hell r u gonna say fml when u made that up?? Makes me wonder if u like 2 get it in the butt!!!!

"i said what what in the butt? i said what what in the butt?" you then should have asked " lets do it in the butt!"