By Anonymous - United States - Royersford
Today, I got locked out of my house. After trying unsuccessfully to jimmy the lock, I managed to climb in through the kitchen window. I soon found out I had an effect on the door after all; it won't open at all any more, even with the right key. FML
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By  shavednipples  |  22

call a locksmith maybe? sorry that happened, OP. I got my key stuck in the door once and it took grease and a screwdriver to get it unstuck, and even then I still had to buy a new lock.

By  aeryn97  |  17

This happened to our car at the shopping Centre. there's one reason it happens for non electric locks. you tried to force it and have disturbed the pins. you'll need a new doorknob or a locksmith. ours just had gone bad in a car accident with the owner before us and slowly stopped working.