By blackandblue - 02/11/2010 16:26 - United States

Today, I was waiting for a friend to pick me up. It was after dark and I was nervous, so when he pulled up I immediately jumped in the car. The young girl in the driver's seat started freaking out, screaming and punching me in the face repeatedly. I'd accidentally gotten in the wrong car. FML
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fakeaccountX 6

You were "nervous?" Nice try, Pedobear!

melibear89 7


Reminds me of the time I accidentally got in snoop dogs limo. we joked about hoes, he calked me dog I called him dude, it was a thing we had

why is it that the first comment is always short and stupid like "that sux". The big rush to be first... idiots

melibear89 7

It depends where OP was. I'd completely understand if OP was in a scary dark alley, or if OP was just a little jumpy.

katielove27 0

Poor girl, you scared her to death! YDI for not looking more carefully before jumping into the car

m0tl3ycru3 0
fakeaccountX 6

You were "nervous?" Nice try, Pedobear!

FYLDeep 25

Why'd you get in if your friend wasn't in there? Not too bright, eh?

ChubbyCake 5

This happen to me once but without getting hit. It was a car full of guys though.

HamsteronA 0

You shouldn't have been nervous. Random acts of violence don't occur often. Most fights break out because 1. People are drunk 2. You probably did something to provoke a fight 3. People are high and 4. Your some silly gangster with 'respect'.

hairt 4

um that's totally irrelevant to the fml :/

edge1995 0

simple lesson learned, look before aproaching!